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Dana Dentata

Unholy Glasgow (pt 2)

Posted on February 12, 2008

Another review of the Unholy Alliance show in Glasgow, this one by Richy Muirhead, about Hatebreed & Slipknot. “HATEBREED When Hatebreed came on the place just burst into madness! It was there first time playing in Scotland so they didn’t know what to expect from us. They opened with ‘Tear it down’, it got us all going! Hatebreed are really energetic live, there always moving from one side of the stage. They played a good range of songs from both Perseverance and The Rise Of Brutality. Oh it kicked ass! They played an older song and demanded to see the biggest circle pit, so the Scottish fans got to work and made a badass pit! The song kicked in and it was mayhem. Crowd surfers in every direction! The place was alive! They thanked us for being so kick ass and welcoming them onto the tour and to Scotland. They played there final song.í¢ä‰åŒ_my personal favourite, I Will Be Heard. This just made if for me! At the end Jamey Jasta through me the hornsí¢ä‰åŒ_.hatebreed played a brilliant set! I preferred it from the Donnington one and that was insane! SLIPKNOT The lights dimmed and the ringing of Prelude 3.0 on the PA system started the Slipknot set. Fans grew nervous and started chants throughout this intro. Soon enough the 8 members made the stage and opened with ‘The Blister Exists’ this really got the crowd fired with the build up! I was on the barrier and the crowd surfers just kept coming, more and more! It was crazy! After this they played sic, pulse of the maggots and three nil and everyone was just moshing and going nuts! Slipknot played a really good set. When ‘Vermilion’ came on they all appeared in their death masks. This was quite freaky at first but it was awesome to seeí¢ä‰åŒ_it fits the song so well. Everything they did when playing this song was slowed down. I remember Chris hitting the percussion slowly and gentle. It was weird! Mick was also starting at fans really freakish and still playing the song perfectly on guitar! It was ace! After this they played some older stuff like eyeless, disasterpiece, wait and bleed, heretic anthem, and spit it out. During the break down of ‘Spit it out’ Corey wanted us too all get down on the ground and when he says ‘jump the fuck up’ we all must do that! We all did it, and it was crazy! Everyone just jumped the fuck up! They also played Duality. The crowd was so loud for this one! Shawn was really hitting the drum at the break down with his bat! After this we had ‘Wait and Bleed’ its just a classic! I think everyone in the room appreciated it. Again everyone was being very loud for this one, it was great! They played their last song for usí¢ä‰åŒ_Surfacing. Our International Fuckin Anthem! Everyone, and I mean everyone in the venue had their middle finger in the air for the chorus of this song! It was so loud and perfect! Great song to end of the night with! The set was immense! Some really great songs. I think seeing Vermilion played live made my day, especially being on the barrier. Oh it ruled man! I hope the rest of the shows on this tour go just as well, if notí¢ä‰åŒ_better! All the bands rocked m/ I had a great night! m/” Richy Muirhead


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