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Dana Dentata

Delayed & Bumped

Posted on February 12, 2008

Mark, Jim, and Rob of Chimaira are now safely back home in the USA. There is life after Lincolnshire. Nothing is ever that simple though as you’ll learn from Mark’s report below… Day ?? – Delayed, Bumped. Howdy. Well, we are finally back in the States. Our last day spent in England was amazing. We got to see all of the sites in London (Big Ben/Parliament etc..) we did a cool radio interview for XFM, and we hosted a private listening party for the new record in the area of London called Soho. The bar we did it at was called the Intrepid Fox. It ruled because everywhere you looked there was some bad ass metal poster from the 80’s. Bands like Iron Maiden, Sepultura, Pantera etc.. This was the 2nd bar we have been to in London that plays metal music really loud and has tons of cool memorabilia. (Garlic N’ Shots being the other) The listening party went off really well. We had dudes from RR UK, Metal Hammer, Kerrang!, Total Rock, street and e teamers as well as Defweb from the PRP. It was a good night of booze and tunes. It was really cool of RR to put together this entire shindig. So the next morning we get to the airport, get on our plane, get wasted on the plane ride and arrive in Washington, DC an hour early. (we already had a 2 hour layover, this now made it 3) Here we have 3 band dudes drunk of our asses trying to be civil in an airport, so we decide to sit at our gate and just chill. All of us passed out, then woke up to “We are sorry but flight … to Cleveland has been delayed by at least 45 minutes.” “Whatever” I say, go and grab some food come back and I look at the clock and our plane is already 2 hours late. (This making it 5 hours since we landed) Starting to come down from the buzz, we all get a bit frustrated and start feeling a bit ill. 6 hours after landing in Dullus International, we board our plane. 2 minutes and 15 seconds later, we deplane, and go back to the gate. 2 hours later (8 hours 2 minutes and 15 seconds we have been in DC) we are told that the flight is canceled. 1.5 hours later, we get our hotel and cab voucher from the airline. What a sweet deal, we get put up at a semi decent hotel after waiting a total of 9.5 hours, 2 minutes and 15 seconds! Hung over and miserable we forged on to our hotel, got some well deserved rest, woke up and came home on the next flight. Nothing ever goes perfect for us, but at least we are home. Can’t say I am looking forward to getting on a plane again Monday morning, but I am looking forward to getting to LA to see friends and do the video. Oh ya, so about the mixes! They sound amazing, I can’t believe how good they sound. After the record is mastered, we will try to get a little clip online for ya! Till the next time….. Mark


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