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Posted on November 10, 2011

Our friends over at Metal Hammer have put together a track by track for LAMB OF GOD‘s upcoming album, Resolution, and you can see that track by track below:

Straight For The Sun
By the sounds of the Iommi-friendly monster of a riff that opens this album up, Willie Adler has been listening to a lot of Black Sabbath recently. Slow, doomy and fucking massive. Unexpected, but not unwelcome. Here we go…

Two tracks in and we already have a potential single on our hands. Kicking off with a riff that isn’t a million miles away from ‘Redneck’, this is classic Lamb Of God – big riffs, big grooves and a big chorus begging for big crowds. So basically, big.

Ghost Walking
This starts off with a bit of a curveball thanks to a spoken-word count-in and a cheeky bit of Southern-fried acoustic strumming, before exploding into a monstrous, swaying riff and some more of those untouchable Lamb of God grooves.

Oh hey there fifth gear! This is the fastest song on the album so far, with a real face-ripper of an intro and some great hooks, with Randy Blythe in snarlingly vicious form. LOG are definitely back. We’ve missed you, boys.

Not only does this keep the pace flying, but the catchiness of the chorus has “festival crowd” written all over it. Randy’s “I am the one who’s left to take the falllllll!” line is epic and could be one of the singalong moments of the year. You heard it here first!

The Number Six
…which is the sixth track, handily. Another big, big chorus, this one’s a swaying, chug-laden juggernaut with some nifty hardcore-style backing vocals thrown into the mix. Interesting…

We can’t be sure if this handy musical interlude is named after the 1982 cowboy flick starring Willie Nelson, but given the acoustic melodies and eerie sound effects wah-wahed in, we wouldn’t be surprised. Still; it neatly cuts the album in half and gives us a breather…

…aaaand we’re back. More shout-along backing vocals mixed in with some seriously thrashy moments and a monolithically big breakdown or two. One for the circle pits if ever there was one.

Was that a “One-two-onetwoFUCKYOU!” we just heard? Either way, this is the fastest and most brutal track on the album by a mile, glancing back at the band’s Burn The Priest days while still bristling with the hooks we’ve come to know and love them for.

Slowing the tempo down a touch works nicely here, with Randy switching to cleaner (by his standards) vocals over an epic, sprawling wall of menacing riffs.

Terminally Unique
This is straightforward, groove-chundering, riff-spitting Lamb Of God at their best, with an almost galloping midsection giving it some real pace. “Your life is passing…..BYYYYYYYYYYYYY!” screams Randy, who is sounding more and more possessed and wretched as this album goes on.

To The End
There’s some real Pantera-isms to this bad boy, which is probably the most out-and-out groove metal track on the whole album. Another possible live favourite? We think so.

If not ‘Desolation’, then this could make another great leading single. Crushing riffs and great hooks, and still catchy as fuck? Suits us.

King Me

Now this is how you finish an album. A slow, brooding intro with Randy’s Southern drawl giving spoken-word lyrics a real tinge of wretchedness, before a full-on orchestra kicks in to take things stratospheric. But ‘S&M’ this ain’t; this is dark, epic, heavy fucking metal, and when the strings do pop up again for the chorus, they only add to the thunderous grandeur of the whole thing. It’s different, but it’s definitely still Lamb Of God. Now, we reckon we might just have to start again…

What do you want?! It’s Lamb Of Fucking God, and they’re still the daddies.

‘Resolution’ is out January 23rd and you can now pre-order your copy of the album or UK only Special Edition by clicking this link. If you fancy picking up a copy of the album for a freind or family member for Christmas but you’re worried that the release date is after the actual date, fear not! We’ve designed a gift certificate that you can download and give in place of the album. CLICK HERE to download the gift certificate.


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