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Dana Dentata


Posted on February 12, 2008

Check out this great Interview with Devildrivers frontman Dez Fafara. EXTRACTS… Blasting-Zone.com: What can you tell us about your latest disc? Dez: “We made a better record, man. It’s got more melody, that’s for sure. We made a faster record – it’s got more hooks, more grooves, more everything. I think this record is going to define who we are from here. Hopefully we’ll continue to progress as a band and continue to grow.” Blasting-Zone.com: Do you feel the lineup changes the group has undergone since the release of the first disc have affected your overall sound? Dez: “Since the beginning of DevilDriver there has been many, many member changes. there are only two members of the group left from when we were called DEATHRIDE. I think the addition of (guitarist) Mike Spreitzer and our previous guitarist (Evan Pitts) leaving, as well as having more than one guy writing the whole album really made the difference. All of my guys can play guitar. Much of the new album was tracked by my bass player and drummer. But at the same time, there’s no hard feelings toward that – they just pass off the baton to each other when it comes to writing and recording. I think that’s such a cool thing for a band to do.” Blasting-Zone.com: What do you hope to accomplish with this album? Dez: “I make no bones about it. I want us to be one of the biggest heavy metal bands out there – no bones about it, man. I think we’re a great live band. I want this band to absolutely get the recognition it deserves. We’re one of the very best live bands you can go see. Anyone that has come out to see us can tell you that. And I say that with zero degrees of cockiness – it’s more of a ‘bring it on’ type of thing, ya know? It comes from a complete heart of gold.” Blasting-Zone.com: Do you feel your work with DevilDriver officially closes the chapter on you time with Coal Chamber? Dez: “I don’t know. I was a member of Coal Chamber for ten years. I look upon that period of time with a great deal of fondness. I got the opportunity to travel the world, I got gold albums out of it. Plus, I got to tour with Black Sabbath and Pantera. I got to do a song with Ozzy and Nikki Sixx. Am I trying to put it behind me? Yes, I’d really like it if people would take a look what I’m doing now. At the same time, I still want people to look at what I did with Coal Chamber, too. It’s all good. I stand behind everything that I’ve ever done, ya know? Life is a growing process. I’ve been in the public eye for ten years – people have watched me grow. I can definitely say that I’m at the top of my game. I think I’m doing my best work. As long as I can still honestly say that, I’ll keep in the game. As long as the fans are still into what I do.” Blasting-Zone.com: Is there any chance there will ever be a Coal Chamber reunion? Dez: “There will never be a Coal Chamber reunion (laughs). I look upon it with fondness, but it’s like asking someone if they would ever want to go back and repeat the third and fourth grades after they’re already done with high school, ya know? I appreciate people growing with me and understanding what I’m going through, ya know? The only reason I am here is because I have surrounded myself with good players and I’m having a good time.” Read the entire interview at this location. The Blasting Zone site REMEMBER: DEVILDRIVER – THE FURY OF OUR MAKER’S HAND – OUT JUNE 27th


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