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Twenty From The Road

Posted on February 12, 2008

July 2nd marks the start of a two week tour run with Finger 11 for doubleDrive. First show, Valentine’s in Albany, New York. However, the past couple of weeks saw a flurry of shows with RA, 12 Stones, Socialburn, and even a couple of headline dates. Twenty random memories, thoughts, and thanks over that time go out as follows: 1 – a thanks goes out to Cracker Barrel, for the sweet tea in Texas… 2 – new t-shirts on the way… 3 – en route to Route, this marks 24 hrs straight of driving on the road. Looking forward to starting this series of shows, and meeting up with finger 11… 4 – Paul from 12 stones got ‘almost a mohawk’ in Syracuse… 5 – we started off getting pulled over at customs in Canada… almost got the rubber glove treatment, but managed to get out of it, made it through Canada. 6 – Steel Music Hall in Rochester: an outdoor stage built in a sand area. We were the first band to ever play on the stage, we christened it. Two fine bartenders, the kind that make you anxious to return. Threatened the crowd with a game of volleyball. 7 – Webster Theatre in Hartford, CT: a million degrees..everyone sang “Imprint.” 8 – Northern Lights in Clifton Park, NY: in a shopping center. RV parked out front. 9 – The Bridge Street Music Hall in Syracuse, NY: a pretty fun show. We aired our laundry out on the ropes of the parking lot…getting ready for Red Rocks. 10 – Red Rocks: That was awesome, I do know that. Flying in a plane to Denver didn’t suck much. It was our first time there, can’t wait to go back. All the other bands were cool, food was awesome…we all stood around to see who would past out first, nobody did. Had to use rental gear for the show, so didn’t get ‘our sound’…but overall everything was amazing (see food review). 11 – Music Farm in Charleston, SC: after a billion miles – plane from Colorado, airport, straight to Charleston (probably one of the longer hauls), hung with air force people at hotel, and some field guys at a data company. Free drinks at the hotel, they had sham. Real good show. Packed house, billion degrees. 12 – Home Sweet Atlanta…2 billion degrees. Hugfest 2003 – all our friends were there, catching up at the show. Crowd surfing was a welcome site. Everyone came expecting something big, hopefully they got it. Nice for us to get back into town because…because we live there. Good show. 13 – Exit/In in Nashville, TN – fun gig. Ran into some old school people there that remember days gone by…some copies of our old record still manifesting itself. 14 – Juanita’s in Little Rock, AR – playing there once again. The show this time, way packed. Crowd was singing the songs back at us. Arkansas is arena football cheerleaders, and mosquitos. Loved it a lot. 15 – The Forum in Jackson, MS – Swarmy. Heat you can’t shake off. It’s a big open sports bar, 800-1000 people capacity. Kind of hometown show for 12 Stones. Big turn out. Regular games on the tv, a lot of cussing… 16 – New Orleans – came a shower…we woke up to water that was on a level even with our trailer and getting in. The rain was coming with no sign of stopping, we drove so far we went out of contention to play that night. A first with flooding. 17 – Stubb’s BBQ in Austin, TX – food review on the way…some of the best bbq. Small room downstairs, but great vibe. Love the building and the staff. Brutally hot, but quite a festive evening. 18 – Dallas…real cool. Packed. 3 billion degrees. Being that it was our last night on the tour, all hell broke loose. Jammed a Judas Priest song with Closure (“You’ve Go Another Thing Coming”)…crowed seemed to like it. During our set, nobody ‘got’ us, until our van came around silly string all over it. We spent the next day washing it. Socialburn’s set was accosted by the blackheads – who turned the beginning of “Down” into “Push It” by salt n peppa. That was then followed by uncomfortable stares, and then silly string and talcum powder (made the club smell better). During 12 Stones’ set, the blackheads reappeared, this time around with glitter and an ugly lady wearing a ghetto nighty – and when you’re hot and wet, that glitter does not come off. From there, a night of people getting tats. CJ from Drowning Pool stopped by… 19 – Socialburn got thrown in jail in New Orleans – nothing major, just some drunken stuff. 20 – the blackheads – it’s doubleDrive in blue coveralls and ski masks.


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