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Dana Dentata


Posted on February 12, 2008

Over on the Machine Head Diary, Robb Flynn has posted an update from Machine Head's recent activities around the festival's of Europe, and the upcoming Black Crusade tour in November!

“But dudes and dudettes… it is the mighty, MIGHTY Glasgow, Scotland that once again raises the fucking bar to unparalleled heights… HOLY… FUCKING… CRAP!!!??? The good people of Glasgow are most certainly and genuinely out of their collective minds, my GOD! Frankly, it was like a friggin' religious experience. It was so fucking HOT in there, yet the sing-a-longs were unreal, and the circle pit during Davidian was just inhuman. Hands down the best circle pit so far (we didn't even have to ask 'em for it!), and I have my doubts as to whether it will be beat by anyone else on this run. It was great seeing the LoG dudes (Willie Adler was CRUNK) and the Chimaira dudes again, had a blast partying with them. Chimaira were especially cool to see since we hadn’t seen those boys in way too long, and they fuckin brought it!!!

Belfast was in-fucking-sane, and was nearly as crazy as Glasgow, unbelievably… those fuckers are ballistic! We ended up having to swap places with our co-headliners Killswitch at the last minute, they closed the show so that we wouldn't miss the ferry to Donington, but holy shit… seriously Belfast, you were fan-fucking-tastic!

But Donington, DUDE, Donington!!!!!! Goddamn!!!!!! It was out of this fucking world!!! We have never gotten a response so rapturous. It was unreal. The jumping, the clapping, the thrashing, the singing, at least 10 circle pits during Davidian (!!!!)… it was easily one of the single greatest shows this band has ever played. WOW!!! Did a radio interview with the mighty Bruce Dickenson of (Download headliner) Iron Fucking Maiden after the show and he declared us “band of the weekend”… and the weekend wasn't even over??!! He then proceeded to tell me how his son and all his mates listen to nothing but “The Blackening” and how sick of listening to “The Blackening” he is, but that he had to give it up to us, he said we had written a phenomenal record that every 16 year-old kid was listening to, and then, went back into how crushing our show just was. My brain basically imploded at that point… literally… it short-circuited… and I spent the rest of the interview having flashbacks to being 14 years-old staring at the Number Of The Beast album for hours on end. Jesus!?”

Machine Head headline the Black Crusade tour in November,


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