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Teamer Interview With Max

Posted on February 12, 2008

You can now request the video for Seek ‘N’ Strike on Kerrang! TV – selection # 709. DOWNLOAD TEAMER INTERVIEW On short notice and no warning, we called up one of our street teamers, Gavin Lewis, and sent him off to meet Max & Gloria at a London hotel during their last promo visit here. With him he took a minidisc recorder and a bunch of questions, submitted by other teamers, as well as his own! Why? To do an interview of course! To download the MP3 of the interview (approx 10mb), just go to the MUSIC page. If that’s a little on the large size for you, worry not, for we shall be adding a streaming version of this shortly. And if that still doesn’t cut it with ya, we’ll be adding a written transcript shortly after that. Enjoy. And thanks for the help Gavin! COME AND GET IT: OUT NOW: The band’s third album is called simply “3”. Available for around 퉌£12.99 (digipack) & 퉌£11.99 (CD) from the following shops: HMV – 퉌£2 off with ‘Download 2002’ discount card + free ‘Download 2002’ sampler, Virgin/VShop – available as part of the current ‘2 for 퉌£22’ offer, MVC, Sanity, Andys, and indies – free poster at selected stores. Check the new album out for yourself in our MUSIC section, you will find (in RealAudio Streaming format, of course) a 1 hour, 17 minute stream…that there stream is Soulfly 3. Don’t say we never gave ya anything. Enjoy. The tracklisting is: 1. Downstroy (4:24) 2. Seek ‘N’ Strike (4:27) 3. Enterfaith (4:46) 4. One (5:21) 5. L.O.T.M.(2:35) 6. Brasil (4:56) 7. Tree Of Pain (8:19) 8. One Nation (3:42) 9. 9-11-01(1:00) 10. Call To Arms (1:23) 11. Four Elements (4:20) 12. Soulfly III (5:00) 13. Sangue De Bairro (2:18) 14. Zumbi (2:37) Digipack – bonus tracks 15. I Will Refuse (4:06) 16. Under The Sun (5:45) 17. Eye For An Eye (live at Ozzfest 2000) (4:07) 18. Pain (live at Ozzfest 2000) (5:00)


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