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New Album and Interview with Rob

Posted on February 12, 2008

Spineshank is elbow deep in getting together their third release.How go things? Words from drummer Tommy Decker are as follows: What’s up everybody!! I know its been an EXTREMELY long time since we posted on the status of the new album, and I would like to apologize for keeping you all in the dark. We are ready and eager to record. We have over 20 songs and I think they’re the best we’ve ever written. I don’t want to let too many titles leak cuz we always end up changing them last minute. We’ve brought some new elements to the Spineshank sound but its not a very far departure from The Height Of Callousness. I think the songs are written better and there’s more variety from one song to the next. We will probably be planning a small tour right after we’re done recording, just to “knock all the rust off” and try a few new songs live. (its been WAY too long since we’ve played!!!) After that we will probably do some shows outside of the U.S. (too early to be sure of where and when yet) and then hit the states for a “real” tour. As far as the record goes, we’re still unsure as to how many songs will be on it, somewhere between 12 and 14 though. We still have a few titles that we’re considering. I wish I could tell you more but all these little details seem to fall into place at the last minute in the studio (in the wonderfully backward world of s.s). My main reason for posting is too let you all know that we will be recording and getting this record out as soon as we can. I hope you all understand why it took so long. We wanted to put out a record that we can be proud of, and that YOU can be proud of. You guys have stuck with us and waited for a long time and the least we can do is give you a record worth the wait. Well I’m out, (got more songs to write) talk to you all soon. Tommy p.s. keep posting on the message board we read it almost everyday. July 12th, time enough to catch a few words online with Rob. RR: Hey, how’s life in the land of the ‘Shank? Rob: Hey! What’s up… everything is going cool. How ’bout yourself? RR: Pretty good, just got back from holiday in Australia myself. Rob: Very cool.. good to hear. Damn I need a vacation. RR: So you guys are working non-stop? Where would you go? Rob: Yup. I don’t know.. maybe the desert. I love hot weather, can’t get enough of it. It’s gonna be about 80 today, only thing I don’t like is it’s been really humid, but I can deal with it! RR: Nicer than here ya know. In the studio every day? You must be sick of the sight of eachother by now! How much longer you got left? Rob: Yeah, except for weekends. Writing wise hopefully not too much longer. Actually everybody is still in one piece and getting along – that’s definitely a good thing… no-one has torn another person apart! RR: How many songs you done now? Rob: We have about 7 definitely done, the others aren’t finished yet. RR: You think fans of Height Of Callousness will dig the new album? Rob: Fuck yeah, they better! I’m sure they will. RR: Hey, check out the individual biogs we did when you have a minute – you remember doing this a while back? Rob: Oh yeah, I saw that already – came out cool! RR: Checking up on me and what I write about ya eh? Rob: Yup (laughs). We were laughing about how everybody’s fav tour story had to do with being drunk! I wonder why. (laughs harder) RR: Speaking of drinks… been a while since you were here with Dry Kill Logic. That tour was fun huh?! Rob: Right on! Can’t wait to get back there.. it was the first time I didn’t get a brutal cold when we were there… last time I actually had fun! RR: Poison of choice? Rob: Beer… Budweiser. RR: Cool. So what are you up to this weekend on your 2 days off? Rob: Drinking. That’s about it. Drinking, the story of my life (laughs).


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