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Chimaira Slays

Posted on February 12, 2008

So, what’s happening in the world of Chimaira? In this month’s U.S. issue of Guitar World magazine, Slayer guitarist Kerry King speaks out on his ‘favourite new band’ Chimaira. And it goes exactly like this: “They are my favorite new band, they’re entertaining, which a lot of bands aren’t. To me there’s more than just standing on stage and playing your instrument. That’s boring – you’ve gotta sell it. And these kids love what they do and you can tell. I guess I’d call their sound a takeoff of us and Slipknot because they do have a programmer and that’s obviously something we’ve never used. He fits in the mix, he sings some backup and he’s entertaining. They’ve got some good stuff going down – it’s heavy and it’s got energy. I don’t think they’re writing the best songs they’re ever gonna write yet, but if they continue down the road that I think they’re potentially going down, they will be a force to be reckoned with.” Now that’s a fuckin’ endorsement… Speaking of writing songs, Chimaira has around a dozen new tracks in the bag. They are currently on a four-night/week rehearsal schedule putting on the final touches and getting the goods down…perhaps their best songs yet? Perhaps. Chimaira will be driving down to Louisville, Kentucky later this month for a show at Tek World on Oct 19th…a break from the writing & rehearsing, a chance to play some new material live and see how it feels. Rock. And if you have yet to see the band, check out their self produced video for “Sp lit” off Pass Out Of Existence in the band’s VIDEO section.


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