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24 Hours With Killswitch & Chimaira

Posted on February 12, 2008

What time did you get up? Mike (KsE): 11am, then back to bed ’til 12. Rob (Chimaira): 12pm. Chris (Chimaira): I have no idea. How much sleep did you get? Mike (KsE): 8 hours. Rob (Chimaira): 9 hours. Chris (Chimaira): I have no idea. Who was last out of bunk this morning? Mike (KsE): We stayed in a hotel. Barry (KsE tour manager) was last to check out. Rob (Chimaira): Mark. Chris (Chimaira): Jim, I smacked him to wake up. Who snored loudest last night? Mike (KsE): Joel always does. Rob (Chimaira): Mikey (sound engineer). Chris (Chimaira): Mike, our sound guy, sounds like a chainsaw. Which is your bunk? Mike (KsE): Bottom left, in the way back. Rob (Chimaira): Top, front, right. Chris (Chimaira): Back, middle, left. What’s in your bunk? Mike (KsE): 40G iPod, PJs, and Kerri (my girlfriend). Rob (Chimaira): Nothing special. Chris (Chimaira): iPod, water, sheets from home, photos. What was for breakfast? Mike (KsE): Quorn veggie slices on a pita. Rob (Chimaira): Banana, chicken soup. Chris (Chimaira): Water. Did you get a shower? Mike (KsE): Yes, but usually no. Rob (Chimaira): Nope. Chris (Chimaira): Last night… it was nasty. How long since the clothes you are wearing got washed? Mike (KsE): 3 weeks. Rob (Chimaira): 2 days ago. Chris (Chimaira): I always change undershirts and boxers. I’ve had these shorts on for over a week. What have you done since you got up? Mike (KsE): Walked around Camden Market. Packed, then unpacked onto our new bus. Soundchecked. Changed into “show clothes”. Rob (Chimaira): Performed at XFM Radio. Did some paperwork. Ate. Chris (Chimaira): We did some live performance thing for XFM. Since then I opened a big box of goodies and sat in the net cafe. Best thing about the day so far? Mike (KsE): Buying a Cure beanie and t-shirt in the market. Rob (Chimaira): I’m alive & healthy. Chris (Chimaira): Sitting online for 2 hours. Where are you playing tonight/next? Any comments? Mike (KsE): The Barfly tonight, Oxford tomorrow. Rob (Chimaira): Barfly tonight – terrible idea – the club is far too small and unaccommodating. Chris (Chimaira): Barfly. This is going to suck. I’m facing the wall tonight! I hope the crowd likes it. What’s on the rider? Mike (KsE): Veggie slices & beer. Rob (Chimaira): Nothing. Terrible idea. Chris (Chimaira): Today? Nothing. Usually, water, beer, alcohol, lunch meat, and a bunch of other random garbage. How much can you drink? Mike (KsE): 5 beers and 5 shots. Rob (Chimaira): More than most. Chris (Chimaira): Not much. I’m a lightweight. 3 good drinks and I’m done for. What are your aftershow plans? Mike (KsE): Drink, then sleep. Rob (Chimaira): I usually never know. I call it, “seeing where the night takes me”. You never know who/what you’ll run into. Chris (Chimaira): Depends on my mood. I may have a few cocktails… if not, I’ll sit around and stare at the wall. Last show of the tour tonight in Oxford. No doubt it’ll be a blinder. For those of you not attending, we’ll leave you with a few photos from the Wolverhampton show… Chimaira HERE, Killswitch Engage HERE… oh yes, and a little DOODLE from Mike.


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