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Welcome Evensand

Posted on February 12, 2008

No more than two weeks ago, new Chimaira drummer Richard Evensand flew from his home in Sweden (hence the reason for some of the questions below) to Cleveland, Ohio, in the USA. He was treated to a night at the Outback Steakhouse, then shoved immediately into Chimaira’s rehearsal space – to practice with his new band and get all good things down in time for their upcoming European headline tour, which starts next week. To those of you going to see Chimaira at the Zodiac in Oxford on Monday (2.2), you will be witnessing history – Chimaira’s first live show with Evensand. Make note. And make note of below, Evensand’s first interview with Roadrunner Records (we thank Richard to his time, and patience with the questions from our US office below): Roadrunner Records: How long you been in Cleveland? Richard Evensand: Almost two weeks now. I’ve been living at the rehearsal space. But we’re going on tour come Saturday, so no reason to get an apartment now. RR: How was the first practice? Evensand: It was cool…kind of hard, though. I wasn’t able to practice the songs back home in Sweden – sold my drums…so when I got here, the first practice was the 1st time I played drums in 2 1/2 weeks. We played for 5-6 hours, I got really tired. RR: Do you drive a Volvo? Evensand: A VOLVO? No, I don’t even have a drivers license. RR: What was the first song you guys played together? Evensand: Ahhhh…I that would be “Cleansation.” RR: What’s your favorite song to play? Evensand: My favorite song to play is probably “Dead Inside”… and “Pure Hatred.” I guess they’re all fun…but the song I like to listen to the most is “Pictures In The Gold Room”…but it keeps changing. I don’t know all the songs yet. “Severed” I like to play too…there is gonna be a drum solo in that song during our European tour. RR: Do Norwegians think that they are better than the Swedes? Evensand: Yeah, they usually do…but they’re not (laughs). RR: “The Impossibility Of Reason,” will that be in the live set? Evensand: Yes, we have that song down… RR: Tough to play? Evensand: Actually, all the songs were harder to play than I originally thought. But, all is coming tight right now. It’s a lot of double bass drums, which I haven’t been playing much in years…but it’s really cool to be back doing it. RR: Did you have a reindeer as a pet growing up? Evensand: Have I? Kinda wish…what??? RR: What are you looking forward to on this tour? Evensand: I’m looking to have a good time on this tour and have a great time playing. Can’t wait to get on stage with the band – I love their energy live. It’s gonna be really cool. I just want to go on tour right NOW. RR: Do you find it hard to sleep during the summer months in Sweden? Evensand: ummmm…no. But in the summertime, it doesn’t get dark until 11:00 at night, and daylight is at 5am…but in the wintertime, it’s dark until 9am, then dark again at 3pm. Dark in the winter, light in the summer. And cold…Actually, same weather here in Cleveland. RR: Why is the porno supposed to be so good in Sweden? Evensand: because the women are really beautiful. But of course you have cheap pornos and better ones…the production isn’t as good in the US…but the chicks are blond, tall, and have nice legs…they’re good. RR: Do you think yur porno is better than our porno? Evensand: NOPE. No, I don’t think so. RR: is it true that Cleveland is sometimes referred to as the Stockholm of Ohio?…scratch that question…How many practices left till hitting the road for the first time as the new drummer of Chimaira? Evensand: 4. Tonight we’re probably gonna work on “Lumps,” “Let Go,” “Dead Inside,” and then work on the live set. RR: How many songs will be played live each night on this upcoming run? Evensand: It’s 14…can be changed, but not yet sure. RR: What made you want to join Chimaira? Evensand: good people, good music, and a hell of a live show. Richard, Godspeed.


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