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Tommy’s Track-By-Track II

Posted on February 12, 2008

Spineshank’s Tommy Decker’s continues his tun-through of the new record, out on Monday. 3. Smothered This song came together in less than an hour it was just me and Mike fucking around, we never thought it would go anywhere but the melodies were so catchy that we couldn’t deny it. We kept this one very simple and to the point and it really works well with this song. 4. Consumed (Obsessive Compulsive) This song was written in a weird way, I had an arrangment in my head but no riffs. So I played the beats for Mike and he came up with the riffs. The song is constantly changing from soft to loud and it surprises you a lot with some of the changes. It also has some different time signatures rather than just being 4/4 for the entire song, I think it makes it a little more interesting. more to come…


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