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Posted on February 12, 2008

This Wednesday we shall be unleasing the new CHIMAIRA track “Nothing Remains” – the first new music from Chimaira in almost two years. However, for the time being your going to have to content yourself with this highly informative studio update. “Colin is nailing the mix,” relays Hunter. “This is our best sounding record without a doubt. The tones are unreal and bigger sounding then anything before.” The current work schedule consists of Colin starting at 10am, with Mark and Rob showing up an hour or two later, and ending somewhere between 10pm and midnight. They are currently 3-4 songs deep into mixing, taking a bit longer than originally expected…but then again, good things come to those who wait. Roadrunner Records: So Trent Reznor turned the big 40 this week (fellow Clevelander), what’s a traditional Cleveland means of celebrating such a milestone? Mark Hunter: Usually you will see fake tombstones in someone’s yard, or signs that read “over the hill” or “almost dead”…the clich퀌© thing you would see in any suburb really. Roadrunner Records: I heard on the news today that this is the worst allergy season ever, what do you think is causing it? Mark Hunter: I don’t know the answer to that really Roadrunner Records: What do you think of the use of medicinal marijuana to fight allergies? Mark Hunter: Ask Jim, he is the big weed man in the band. I have never really smoked it to be honest with you. I will say that if it works, work it. I prefer heroin to combat allergies. Roadrunner Records: Mark, what is your favorite soft drink? Mark Hunter: Malz Beer Roadrunner Records: Do you like it in the can? Mark Hunter: No I have it wherever I am sitting. The tracklisting for the album is as follows: 01. Nothing Remains 02. Save Ourselves 03. Inside The Horror 04. Salvation 05. Comatose 06. Left For Dead 07. Everything You Love 08. Bloodlust 09. Pray For All 10. Lazarus REMEMBER: CHIMAIRA – CHIMAIRA – OUT THIS AUGUST


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