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Slipknot New Album Tracklisting and Tour Update

Posted on February 12, 2008

Slipknot fan Sigmund Judge and his mate James have been travelling around the globe following the tour! Sigmund sent us a little write up from the road… and here it is. “Hi to everyone @ roadrunnerrecords.co.uk just to report to you about the Slipknot Madrid gig last night. I’ve to a lot of Knot gigs on the recent tour but the audience was just absolutely amazing. The delight of these people was just untouchable, people were clapping in unison between songs and the build up to the Knot coming on stage was so intense you could almost taste the foundations of the venue falling down. It was brilliant to hear Purity again in all its glory. A message to the UK fans is to be as off the hook as you possibly can be – let’s give the Knot 3 times as much as we get, especially London who are going to have to show the world who the sicest maggots really are. Also get in early for American Head Charge you will not be disappointed. Take care, Sigmund Judge” Just happened upon the following link – http://www.stickdeath.com/martyr.html…Amongst your travels on the web, give it a visit. If you are a Slipknot fan, you will probably enjoy this… On January 29th 2002, Slipknot played a sold out show at The Docks in Hamburg, Germany. The people who saw that show are now part of Slipknot history. The show opened with the song ‘Iowa’ which was played in its entirety for the second time EVER, the first time being when it was recorded for Slipknot’s platinum selling 2nd album ‘Iowa’. This will never happen again. The set consisted of ‘Iowa’, ‘People=Shit’, Disasterpiece, Eeyore, Heretic Anthem, Wait & Bleed, Sic and Surfacing. Slipknot is currently on an extensive European tour. The show in Hamburg, though not as lengthy as the usual set, will be one of the most memorable shows in Slipknot’s history. It was Slipknot at their most decadent, spontaneous and ‘sic’ and gave the band the chance to go back to the so called ‘bar days’ where no-one knew just what could happen on any Slipknot show on any night. Slipknot will return to Hamburg and the band has promised to play a ‘make up’ show. For the second year in a row, Slipknot is a Grammy nominee – last year for Best Metal Performance with “Wait And Bleed”, this year for Best Metal Performance with “Left Behind”. Their competition this year under that category is as follows: Black Sabbath – “The Wizard”, Slayer – “Disciple”, System Of A Down – “Chop Suey!”, Tool – “Schism”. Congratulations to Slipknot! Congratulations are also in order for SLIPKNOT’s IOWA in Japan – the release is officially GOLD in Japan. In 1995, the embryo was formed. In ’97 it mutated. In ’99, the maggots were set free. Now, in 2001, the infestation continues… Iowa is GOLD. Slipknot were top of the UK album charts week one of release! The album is available from HMV, Virgin, V.Shop/Our Price, Woolworths, MVC, Andys, Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys, WHSmiths, and Martin plus all good indies. You can order Iowa online at HMV. You can also buy online at WHSmiths and Dotmusic. The track listing for IOWA is- 1 – “(515)” 2 – “People = Shit” 3 – “Disasterpiece” 4 – “My Plague” 5 – “Everything Ends” 6 – “The Heretic Anthem” 7 – “Gently” 8 – “Left Behind” download it here (http://www.roadrunnerrecords.co.uk/mp3/slipknot_leftbehind.mp3) 9 – “The Shape” 10 – “I Am Hated” 11 – “Skin Ticket” 12 – “New Abortion” 13 – “Metabolic” 14 – “Iowa” Track #10, “I Am Hated”, is the track that Slipknot performed for the movie Rollerball. Left Behind is out now. It is available in 2 formats – CD (퉌£2.99) and a limited edition 7″ picture disc (퉌£1.99). You can buy it from HMV, Virgin, Wollworths, V.Shop, Our Price, and all good indies. The tracklisting is as follows: Left Behind Liberate (live) Surfacing (live from Tattoo The Earth) Left Behind (uncensored directors cut video) The director’s cut of Slipknot’s “Left Behind” video in its truest form, the way the band originally envisioned it to be is here. In fact, this is the video which was originally delivered and presented to Roadrunner. Check it out. Can you spot the differences between this and the version you may have seen on the TV or previously on our site? (hmmm, there is a contest idea in there somewhere) Sharpen your senses and enjoy. The director’s cut of Slipknot’s “Left Behind” is currently being featured right HERE. You can also see it on Kerrang! TV after 10pm as part of their ‘banned’ section – the selection number remains 666. Go request the hell out of it – it’s selection no. 666. Call 09067 533433. Remember to check with who pays the phone bill first though. Again, we are proud to present to you Slipknot’s latest video – “Left Behind”. No longer shall you be a slave to the TV, watch it anytime you like…check it out HERE.


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