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New Cuts From 3

Posted on February 12, 2008

It’s Monday…wake up…hit up our DOWNLOADS section for a new cut from Soulfly’s upcoming 3. Download it, turn up the speakers, turn off the phone. We’ll let the song speak for itself. Get your ears around this… we present to you the first cut from the new Soulfly album ‘3’… download yourself this MP3 of Enterfaith in the Downloads section. WIsh You Were Here Promo Trip – May ’02 What happened during the UK stop? Besides some interviews for future features with magazines, and some radio hookups, we sent one of our street teamers, Gavin Lewis, off to Max’s hotel for a face-to-face. What do we mean? Simply, we got a whole bunch of questions in from our teamers, and sent Gavin interview Max and get the answers. Cool, no? Mikey Likes Japan A few months back when Roadrunner Japan A&R Rep Kaori was visiting the NYC Roadrunner office, the wheels were in motion. These wheels we speak of were Kaori’s idea to have Soulfly guitarist Mikey Doling produce the upcoming release from Bat Cave, a Roadrunner act in Japan. Remember Kaori? Remember Bat Cave? Mikey is producing Bat Cave’s upcoming release. Did You Know? Mikey’s previous production credits include the Lynn Strait tribute, and demos for Hemlock. True. This week, we bring you more words from our US Controller Neil, and his conversation with Marcelo of Soulfly… “I spoke today with Soulfly bassist Marcelo Dias. Marcelo reports that he’s really pleased with the band’s latest effort “3”, which will be instores this summer. After overcoming some hurdles on the first two records, Marcelo indicates “We’re more mature together now. This record everything came together.” They road tested new cuts “Last Of The Mohicans”, “Interfaith”, & “Downstroy” on their recent tour with Static X. Marcelo says, “The crowds are loving them. They’re heavier, with more hooks” than ever before. Marcelo is eagerly anticipating hearing the final mix of the record, which was just completed by Terry Date. Terry is a Roadrunner veteran, having previously mixed Slipknot’s “Iowa” and Machine Head’s “The Burning Red”.” …thanks for the time and the line Marcelo & Neil…


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