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Interrogating Ill Nino

Posted on February 12, 2008

As we mentioned earlier, Cristian and Laz of Ill Nino are in the UK right now doing some interviews to promote their new record, out Sept 29th. So naturally, when we found out both guys would be dropping by the office today, we asked our street & e-teamers to come up with a few questions to put to them… and here is what they had to say for themselves. I would very much like to know what you think of MP3 piracy, I hear views from both sides, but I’ve never heard yours. (Joe Flanagan) There is nothing wrong with pre-viewing records. So I would have to say MP3s are a positive thing. Although I am not for the downloading of entire records. We are broke and starving. Every record sale counts. Hey guys, just wondering, how do you feel about being the main track on the Freddy vs Jason soundtrack? Have you guys been fans of the films? (Mo) It is awesome. Thanx to Roadrunner and New Line Cinema we had this great opportunity. I am a big Jason fan. He scared the shit out of me when I was a kid. Hey, I just want to know, how did you come up with the name Ill Nino for the band? And also where do you get the ideas for the songs that you write? Because they are like the best songs I’ve ever heard! (C.J.Pierce) The band name was given to us by none other than the ‘Milano Mosh Man’, Billy Milano of the group S.O.D and M.O.D. He called us from Europe and named us. Lyrically my inspiration comes from real life situations, that I have been through. Family, sex, drugs, critics, loss of loved ones, hate and love. Wow you guys rock!!!! Where do you get all your inspiration from? (Does it come in bottles?), and do you find it hard to put your lyrics to english from spanish or is the song just written as you sing it? (Glenn) When it comes to blending English with Spanish I just write it naturally. Amongst ourselves we speak a mixture of the both. We call it Spanglish. So it is pretty easy for me to cross the languages. I’ve seen you twice in London and will be seeing you again on the Roadrage Tour, what’s the best show you’ve ever played and has anything outrageously funny ever happened at a show? (Emma Savage) I thought our UK Ozzfest performance was pretty killer. We broke an attendance record that day. That was pretty exciting. Once we played a small club in San Francisco, the place was a shithole. During one of our songs I busted the wood on the stage from jumping. I wound up under the stage while the song continued. Did you write ‘How Can I Live’ with the Freddy vs Jason soundtrack in mind, or were you asked to contribute the song after you had already written it? (Steph) The song was not written for the soundtrack. Roadrunner and New Line Cinema asked for the song. It was an honour. Why did you decide to name yourselves ‘Ill Nino’, and what exactly does it mean? (Steph) The name was given to us by Billy Milano of S.O.D. It basically means a bunch of sick fuckers. Which bands have you enjoyed touring with the most? (Steph) Soulfly, Slayer, Tool, Chimaira, Machine Head. You’re on the bill for the Roadrage tour alongside Chimaira and Spineshank, but if it were up to you to choose, which Roadrunner bands would you have tour alongside you? (Lee Kelly) Definitely Chimaira, 36 CrazyFists, Slipknot. My little bro is in love with the colourful tracksuits that you wear in the ‘What Comes Around’ video but can’t find them anywhere. Do you get them made especially, or are they just hard to find? (Personally, I think you need dreads to pull them of, but he’ll learn from his mistakes). (Lee Kelly) Actually the Kappa suit was a gift from my friend Gil. He co-manages System of a Down. The Kappa factory is in Florida. So I am one lucky fucker. I have access to all of the Kappa Catalogued wear. Fred Durst approaches you to tour with Limp Bizkit in exchange for vast sums of money. Just how hard do you slap the obnoxious little fuck? (Lee Kelly) Not only do I slap the fucking wimp but I kick him in the nuts. When on tour, what’s the one thing GUARANTEED to piss you off above all else? (Lee Kelly) Someone that tries to steal something which belongs to the band. That, and techs that don’t know what they are doing. What should be prepared for or expected on the Roadrage Tour? (Sammie Lomas) Fucking chaos on the stage. Do you feel the line-up changes within the band have made a difference to your musical direction? If so, what exactly have they brought to the table that has changed your sound? (Ryan Bird) I think the line-up change has brought more fuel to feed the fire. Ahrue and Danny are extremely talented. It is a blessing to have them in the band. It does not change our musical direction yet defines it even more. What next for the band? Dinner with the label.


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