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Getting To Know… Zao (pt3)

Posted on February 12, 2008

Name? Shawn Koschik Age? 23 Instrument? Bass How long have you been playing for? 7 years All time favourite record? Weezer’s Blue album. It’s just a very nostalgic album for me. Greatest experience on tour? I’d say touring Europe has been my best experience. The girls are beautiful and so is the scenery. Most horrible experience on tour? Being woken up shirtless in a gutter by the police in North Jersey after a long night of partying. Then being stuck in traffic for 7 hours with a hangover. Most embarrassing moment ever on stage? Nothing to really single out, I just fucking hate breaking strings at the beginning of a song. Do you have any sort of ritual before going on stage? Drink lots of beer. With which band would you love to tour with? In Flames, or Children Of Bodom. If I couldn’t be a musician, I would work as… Probably a teacher. Best advice you ever heard? Everyone else is doing it. With which famous person (alive or dead) would you love to spend some time and why? Bjork, she just seems like such an interesting person. What’s one thing you would like to achieve in life? I’d like to beat that one asian dude at the hot dog eating contest. Last Words: eh.. eh… I’m dying.


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