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Unto Others

Five Degrees Of Roadrunner

Posted on February 12, 2008

Chimaira, The New Wave Of American Heavy Metal? One listen of their upcoming album and surely you’ll agree (psst, you can listen to the whole thing HERE). Here’s another one…how about, Chimaira, The New Ambassadors of Roadrunner Records? Read below, and apparently this one is true too. Words in italics courtesy of a 3am phone call somewhere in Portland from Mark, Chimaira’s singer… tales from the scene of the crimes. Chimaira is currently on the road with Lamb Of God out there in the USA… but that’s not the only band they’re with… “Lamb Of God. Cool guys. They like to drink and headbang like us…” Monday, May 5, the band was in Portland, Oregon. What was the Portland situation? Bear-ca-bobs with 36 Crazyfists. Chimaira had a hang last night in Portland with the guys from 36 Crazyfists (currently working on pre-production of their new album). As for the ‘bear-ca-bobs,’ that would be a shish-ca-bob made by 36 CF bassist Mick Whitney (he is affectionately called ‘bear’). We took 36 out on their first tour ever. We spent 2 months on the road with these guys, so we are great friends! We’ve been doing some partying with these guys and the Lamb Of God guys tonight. We went to this stripclub, the broads were real real nasty! Actually, I think I have to go real soon, some of the strippers are on the tour bus and I have to go round up the rest of the guys….” Go back in time three days to L.A. (May 2), and Chimaira was keeping company with Dino from Fear Factory, Meegs from Coal Chamber, and the boys from Spineshank. “Ah man, I woke up that morning still drunk from the Pomona, California show when we got drunk with Kerry King from Slayer… and Spineshank were at that show too. This show was just Drunken Debauchery Part 2. I was vomiting profusely before we played, just trying to get it all out of my system!” Fast forward two days to this past Sunday (May 4), and it was a night with Machine Head’s Robert Flynn and Dave McClain. “We got Rob up on stage with us to do our song ‘Severed’. That was cool. And then we had Dave on drums, I sang and played guitar, Rob sang and we covered ‘Davidian’. That was awesome, everyone went fuckin’ nuts! And then we all got drunk again… just picking up where we left off… the night before we played Vegas, and all there is to do in Vegas is drink, and gamble…” Furthermore, this past Thursday (May 1) in Pomona, it was a night with Slayer’s Mr. Kerry King. All right, so Kerry and Slayer are not on Roadrunner Records, but you see where we are going with this… “That night: Drunken Debauchery Part 1. Spineshank hung out that night too. They have warned us there won’t be one sober night in the whole UK tour.” The Five Degrees Of Roadrunner, indeed. “The shows have been great, but the aftershows have been even greater! We’ve got 17 shows left on this US tour, and we just can’t turn it down when our friends come out. We’ve been very ‘pissed’ as you would say!! Life is good. Tonight we’ve just been watching the Slipknot DVD, and now we’ve seen all the London crowd in that, we just can’t wait to come over and make our mark on the UK. We’re ready to destroy!” Hey, now it’s your turn to see Chimaira, check our TOUR section for all upcoming Chimaira dates.


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