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Ask Walls Of Jericho

Posted on February 12, 2008

During the Eastpak tour dates here, we hooked up one of our street teamers, Jade Chau, to put some questions to Walls Of Jericho. Here’s what Mike and Aaron had to say… 1. How has the Eastpak Resistance Tour been? Amazing. Its such an honour to have the chance to tour with bands that I grew up listening to. 2. When you heard that you were on the tour, what was your initial reaction? Fuck yeah! Sick Of It All every night!! 3. Do you have any crazy or fun(ny) stories which happened on this tour to share with your fans? I got the flu or something and was puking onstage in the middle of a song. It sucked but I think it’s funny now…! 4. You recently toured Europe and UK this summer, how does it feel to be back so soon? I love it here. Everyone seems very supportive and it’s much better to look at than the US! 5. For those who saw WOJ only a few months ago, can they expect anything new to your sets? I don’t know, maybe a few different songs but pretty much we just do our thing. 6. Do you prefer playing the festivals, or club shows? I like it all, but clubs just have the right atmosphere for the energy to take the show to some place I can’t explain. 7. How does touring in America compare with the UK & Europe? (many bands prefer touring the States) I just like being able to be in contact with my family and friends everyday. I miss them more when I’m over here. 8. You’ve toured America and Europe relentlessly over the past year, any other places you want to tour in the near future? We would love to go to South America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Iceland. We have very loose plans to get all of them covered very soon. 9. What bands do who you want to tour with? Sick Of It All, Hatebreed, Killswitch Engage, and probably many more I am sure I am forgetting! 10. What should new fans generally expect from a WOJ show? If all goes well, there will be lots of energy. We love crowd participation so show up ready to sing along and stage dive. 11. Will you be recording any new material sometime in the near future? We haven’t written any new songs at the time but we start writing as soon as we get home. 12. If so, when? And how will it differ from your past two Trustkill releases? I have no idea right now. But, I’m sure it will be moshy and hopefully have some catchy sing alongs. 13. What was the reason for WOJ’s two year hiatus? For some bands that long of a time period means the end of a band. We split with our original drummer and had trouble finding a suitable replacement, so we quit until we were in a position to play at the level we wanted. In other WOJ news, head to the MUSIC section and download yourself a free MP3 from Candace. She recorded a little message for everyone before their London show.


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