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Posted on November 4, 2011

We’re getting near the business end now…

Today we reveal albums #10 to #6 in the Roadrunner Records Album of the 21st Century, as voted for by you guys via a huge 30,000 votes. What do YOU think of the list? Do you agree? Disagree? Let us know on our official Facebook page!

Missed the rest of countdown so far? Check out #30 to #21 here, and #20 to #11 here.

Check back next week for the top five countdown – what do you think will be #1?

10 – Within Temptation ‘The Heart of Everything’ (2007)

The fans say… “A truly epic and beautiful album.” Sophie Cleverly-Edwards

Bombastic Dutch rockers Within Temptation’s fourth album ‘The Heart of Everything’ was the band’s first number one in their home nation, with international sales in excess of 150,000 in the first week. While some fans felt the album represented a departure from the heavier sound of their first three albums, the album ultimately resonated with a far greater audience and propelled Sharon den Adel et al into a position at the very head of the symphonic metal movement.

Buy ‘The Heart of Everything’ at Play.com | iTunes

9 – Within Temptation ‘The Unforgiving’ (2011)

The fans say… “Amazing music and vocals, and the album even has a comic book that follows the album storyline – how many bands have that?” James Spowart

Following the success of ‘The Heart of Everything’ and their more orchestral effort ‘An Acoustic Night at the Theatre’, Within Temptation decided to step things up a notch in all departments with ‘The Unforgiving’. From the visual element of the accompanying comic book to the over-arching concept, the band left no stone unturned in their effort to create a truly unique package. Of course, the songs were the key, and as critics and fans rallied to express their overwhelming approval of the album, it became clear Within Temptation had successfully moved up another gear in their sensational career.

Buy ‘The Unforgiving’ at Play.com | iTunes

8 – Trivium ‘Ascendancy’ (2005)

The fans say… “The album that introduced me to metal music. I will never forget the day I heard ‘Like Light to the Flies’. Since hearing that song I’m a metal music lover for life.” Khaalid Moolla

While fans will tell you ‘Ascendancy’ was not Trivium’s debut album, to all intents and purposes this was the moment the metal world sat up and took notice of this Florida riff machine. Matt Heafy was already carving his name into the history books as a frontman with all the right moves, and the band’s nigh-on legendary performance on the Download Festival main stage confirmed the band’s arrival on the scene with undeniable power. ‘Ascendany’ remains one of modern metal’s go-to albums, and ‘Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr’ will have all but the most stubborn heads banging in rock clubs for years to come.

Buy ‘Ascendancy’ at Play.com | iTunes

7 – Slipknot ‘All Hope Is Gone’ (2008)

The fans say… “It really shed light into a darker side of Slipknot, while at the same time being cleaner, raw metal.” Casston Glassman

After three albums that pretty much re-wrote the rulebook for metal, Slipknot would have been forgiven for taking their foot off the gas with their fourth studio album ‘All Hope Is Gone’, but as any fan knows, the Slipknot way is not the easy way. The Iowan nontet set to work on what is arguably the band’s most eclectic album, wrangling with tangents and never losing that undefinable, unmistakable X-factor that makes Slipknot what they are. That an album can work so cohesively while veering from the crushing metal of ‘Psychosocial’ to the soaring and melancholy ‘Snuff’ simply underlines the genius at work here. While tragedy means this has become a swansong for the band’s fallen brother, Paul Gray, we can only hope it does not become an epitaph for one of music’s most innovative and unpredictable bands. But with their army of maggots propelling them to the very peak of the metal mountain, the final word could only belong to a fan – so we’ll let Da Ixi describe the album in a language we all understand: “A fucking masterpiece.”

Buy ‘All Hope Is Gone’ at Play.com | iTunes

6 – Machine Head ‘Unto The Locust’ (2011)

The fans say… “The best album I have ever heard in my entire life. Epic guitars, excellent riffs and stunning solos. The drums are awesome – the best work from Dave McClain to date,” Pedro Oliveira

The fans say… “Every song is just insanely good in every way, to the point that it feels like I can sense the effort, the stress and the strains they went through to bring us this masterpiece. Every song is top notch, but the highlight for me is the break down at the end of Pearls Before the Swine.” Chris Allcock

The fans say… “It’s just one of the best albums I’ve ever heard” Michael Lopez

The fans say… “It is the best shit I’ve heard for years. These melodies are so epic.” Sacha Pepin

The fans say… “It’s the best fusion of aggression and emotion I have ever witnessed in my entire life.” Mario Hofst


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