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Posted on November 23, 2010

KORN drummer Ray Luzier caught up with drum site www.mikedolbear.co.uk recently and they spoke about how the drummer has gone from the band’s touring drummer to permanent member of the band.

They also talk about Ray making his mark on his first Korn recording- new album Korn III- Remember Who You Are and how his kit has grown along with his profile…

MD: Your set-up is pretty huge and currently consists of 22 cymbals, is that something that just grew?
RL“Yeah. I used to make fun of people with drum kits the size of mine before because I believed that you can play with kick, snare and hats and if you can groove you’re good, but when I got into Korn it kept growing. Jonathan is also a great drummer and he would keep suggesting things… why don’t you put another cymbal behind you, why don’t you put another cymbal here… and the next thing you know you’ve got 22 cymbals.

“I’ve been with Sabian since 1994 and I love the O-Zone cymbal so I asked them to make me a China with holes in it so I could put it up in the centre. So for the whole European tour I’ve had an O-Zone china and I love it. They made the holes in the cymbal a little bit smaller so it resonates more.”

Do you still enjoy playing a smaller kit?
I absolutely love it, it makes you play completely differently. Actually in the studio, even on the new Korn record, I used a scaled-down kit with just a couple of crashes and my China in the middle.”

And your rack developed around that China in the middle, is that right?
Yes… for years I would get the same thing from certain lead singers, they’d say ‘you have that big cymbal up there but those stupid poles are blocking the view’, so finally I spoke to a friend of mine who builds racks for everyone, I said ‘if you make me one, that cymbal has to be in the dead centre with nothing in front of me…’ he said ‘give me a week’, and then he came back with that monster you see.”

You can read the full interview now AT THIS LOCATION.

‘Korn III- Remember Who You Are’ is in stores now. Pick it up online HERE or over at iTune.


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