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Posted on July 2, 2010

It’s been mentioned in numerous interviews with the band over the summer festival run, but it’s RollingStone.com who shine the most light on what’s to come in the next Guitar Hero game: a brand new track from MEGADETH!!!

Writes the online publication, “Dave Mustaine has been hinting at big news for months on his website, slaving over a ‘top secret project’ and now, the Megadeth leader has revealed the results exclusively to Rolling Stone: A blistering new track called “Sudden Death” that will serve as the finger-busting finale to the forthcoming Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock game.”

In an exclusive interview, Mustaine tells Rolling Stone, “I thought it was a great idea for us. We’ve had experience with games in the past, and our songs have been in sports games and Grand Theft Auto, but we never really got into the Guitar Hero thing. When they talked to us about doing this, I never imagined it would be something this honorable.” Setting the stage for the how the track will be presented, rs.com continues, “Unlike previous Guitar Hero titles, the upcoming Warriors of Rock features a story-based adventure mode, voiced by Kiss’ Gene Simmons. To advance through the game, players will have to tackle tricky tracks like Black Sabbath’s ‘Children of the Grave,’ Muse’s ‘Uprising,’ Slayer’s ‘Chemical Warfare’ and the Cure’s ‘Fascination Street.’ But to beat the game’s last stage boss, players will have to master Megadeth’s ‘Sudden Death.’

Activision, the publishers of Guitar Hero, commissioned the track from Mustaine and Megadeth, and were very hands-on in the song’s development since “Sudden Death” has to pose the ultimate challenge to hardcore gamers.”

Mustaine explains, “Activision heard the track, and said, ‘We want more solos on it.’ And I said, OK, I can do that.” While Rolling Stone contests, “‘Sudden Death’ turned into a scathing, speedy thrash tune that’s sure to lead to some fingertip callusing. Mustaine claims the song has a ‘funky kind of polyrhythm to it’ which will make it even more difficult for the Guitar Hero elite.”

To read the interview in full, click here. You can ;earn more about Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock HERE.

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