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What’s Up In Deicide’s World

Posted on February 12, 2008

Not got their album ‘Insineratehymn’ yet? Now’s your chance – the album is out on mid-price so you can get it cheap! Glen Benton is promising the heaviest and sickest record of all time. Deicide’s latest release, titled In Torment In Hell, is out now. The CD retails for around 퉌£12.99 from the following stores: HMV, Virgin, MVC, and all good indies. Here’s what Kerrang! had to say about it… Kerrang! Review KKKK “JESUS CHRIST is going to prepare a place for me,” says Christian activist Bob Larsen, as he chats over the phone to Deicide frontman Glen Benton. “Great,” says Benton. “Where he is, I’m going to be there someday” says Larson “Beautiful” says Benton. “So where are you going to?” asks Larson. “IN TORMENT, IN HELL!!!” growls Benton, and Deicide’s sixth studio album kicks in with the kind of riff that makes pop fans cower behind their sofas, quivering like hypothermia victims with pants full of shit. Benton is back, and this time his band are on f**king fire. Maybe the fact that this is Deicide’s last album for Roadrunner has inspired Benton to produce something uniquely unpleasant a final, foul blast of choking musical mustard gas, left as a final “f**k you”. On The other hand, it might just be that the band have been given a prod by the likes of Nile and Cryptopsy bands who have taken death metal by the scruff of it’s neck and given it a violent shake. Either way, this is a stunning return to the kind of form Deicide have struggled to replicate since their classic debut back in 1990. And in many ways, nothing much has changed since the days when death metal first blew away the cobwebs. Lyrically, in particular, this is familiar ground and no self-respecting Deicide fan would have it any other way. ‘Burning Christians, begging pleas satisfy my need to bleed’ roars Benton during the brutality of the title-track. And yes, we’ve heard it all before, but not with this degree of conviction for a good few years. Furthermore, you can hardly accuse Deicide of watering down their beliefs. The enemy, as ever, is organised religion – Christianity in particular – and even though the band have been guilty of repeating themselves in the past, ‘In Torment In Hell’ is no exercise in treading water. Treading the blood of violently murdered Christians, maybe, but not water. No-one is going to faint with surprise at this album. It’s a Deicide album, for starters, and so anything other than ripping death metal mayhem with lung-wrenching, guttural vocals would feel like an outright stitch-up. But the fact is that this is the band’s second best album to date, with songs like ‘Let It Be Done’ and the awesome ‘Immanent Doom’ sounding very nearly as good as old classics like ‘Dead By Dawn Ross Robinson wanted to produce Emperor because, as he said “black metal is the only true punk rock out there”, and he was almost right. In fact, death metal is the only form of rock music to remain dangerous and entirely unsullied by commercial considerations, and Deicide – despite their marketable fa퀌_ade of scowling nastiness – remain one of the genre’s classiest and most uncompromising acts. Here’s an album for all those tough-looking hardcore bands who thank Jesus on their album sleeves. F**k them, f**k Jesus and three evil cheers for Deicide. There’s a party going on in Hell, and we’re all invited. Beautiful. In a five day fire drill which took place at Morrisound Studios in Tampa Bay, Florida earlier, Deicide recorded and mixed 8 blistering tracks of the heaviest and sickest death metal you will ever hear. The intro features excerpts from a conversation between Christian activist Bob Larsen and Glen Benton. Produced by Deicide, Mixed by Deicide and Jim Morris, Engineered by Jim Morris, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Morrisound Recording, Tampa, FL 1. In Torment In Hell click here to download an MP3 2. Christ Don’t Care 3. Vengeance Will Be Mine 4. Imminent Doom 5. Child Of God 6. Let It Be Done 7. Worry In The House Of Thieves 8. Lurking Among Us Read on below for another Glen Benton Q & A installment, as brought to us by HeavyMetal.de (Germany). Yes, Glen is pulling out all the stops for the promotion of Deicide’s upcoming In Torment In Hell release. Warning, if you are easily offended, read no further…and perhaps the questions just fed fuel for the answers… – Who are the guys in the band – different characters? Glen Benton – Glen, Eric, Brian, Steve – Your favorite bands / musicians? Glen Benton – Guy Lombardo, Floyd Kramer, Laurence Welk – What kinda music do u really hate? Glen Benton – Wigger Rap – Which records would u take to a lonely isle here u only have a cd player? Glen Benton – Piss on you – What else would u need? Glen Benton – My Ho – Funniest tour experience? Glen Benton – Shittin’ across Europe – Worst or most embarassing situations? Glen Benton – Getting caught shittin’ across Europe – Best concert u have ever seen? Glen Benton – Elvis live in Hawaii – Nicest holiday? Glen Benton – The eve of the hallow – Happy about… Glen Benton – Nothing – Disappointed about… – This interview – Where did u grow up? Glen Benton – In a house – Favorite food? Glen Benton – Shit sandwiches – Can u cook? Glen Benton – Yes I have a fart steamin’ in the pot right now – Your idols, influences? Glen Benton – No idol worship here. – How was school? Glen Benton – Misery – Still have normal jobs? Glen Benton – No – Most important things in life? Glen Benton – My Ho, My Kid’s, And Killer weed… – Would u be a good polititian? Glen Benton – Sure – Any bad habits? Glen Benton – Yea – Do u believe in god? Glen Benton – No – In what else do u believe? Glen Benton – Me – Last statement? Glen Benton – KILL GOD Satisfy your need for Deicide eye candy by checking out Christian Death, Deicide’s official website for live photos from their recent show at JAXX Nightclub during the International Extreme Music Festival on May 25, 2001. Also, you will find lyrics there from all 8 tracks off their imminent release… Glen Benton took some time to answer a few questions for the Hungarian publication Shock Magazine. For your knowledge, here are a few of the questions and answers: – What is the meaning of the title “In Torment In Hell”? What is the main topic of the album? Glen Benton – Torment – The symbol on the front cover of the Insineratehymn album was quite simple. What will be on the new album cover? Glen Benton – A big set of pig balls – What is more important for you in Deicide: the music or the ideology? And what is more important of these two for the fans? Glen Benton – What I believe is my choice, and so is it for the fan, the choice is yours….I aint your mother….. – What did Deicide mean to you in the beginning and what does it mean to you now? What are the things your opinion has changed of and what are those things you still see the same way you did in the times of your first album? Glen Benton – That is too big a question for you to be asking, Suffering,Sweet,Suffering – I can’t evade the question of Christianity and Satanism in connection with you. I think that many of your fans “know” only the extreme, animal-killer Glen Benton. But what is the real Glen Benton like? Glen Benton – I’m a quick shitter, my ass smells bad most of the time, one ball hangs lower than the other, and I love big natural tits. – Where do you place the different religions in your world concept? Do you disagree with religions generally or do you only disapprove of misleading people by the means of religion? Glen Benton – I dislike organized religion. – What do you think of the powers of Nature? Do you believe in other dimensions? Glen Benton – I’m in one right now. – The Insineratehymn album was very strong musically, even though it was slower than your music used to be. Previously you promised this new stuff to be the heaviest and sickest album of all times. What is the meaning of this? Glen Benton – My lungs think otherwise DEICIDE also had four of their previous albums re-released on mid-price (retail 퉌£8.99) last year. They are: ‘Deicide’ ‘Once Upon The Cross’ ‘Serpents Of The Light’ ‘When Satan Lives (Live)’


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