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What’s In A Treatment

Posted on February 12, 2008

NYMPHETAMINE Video… what’s it all about? For every video that is shot, a “treatment” is prepared. This gives the outline of what the video is to be, from camera effects, to mood, storyline, artistic influences and so on. Dave from Cradle Of Filth decided to share a little of the treatment prepared for new video ‘Nymphetamine’, up front of you seeing the final cut. “We wanted to film the band’s performance in a way to bring out all the power of the song and also give the band a dramatic look. Various in-camera tricks were used to give the shots a more ‘edgy’ feel. By deliberately loosening the camera lens there was a controlled effect that dislocates the image and changes the focus between the band and the background. In order to make the performance more dramatic, we were lit so that you don’t see everything clearly at first – appearing more enigmatic and more is revealed as the video develops. The ‘concept’ element of the video is a series of staged tableaux with two characters – the ‘Nymphetamine’ of the title of the song – a beautiful but disturbing siren/dark angel tye of character, and her victim/lover/slave. The scenes loosely reflect the lyrics with the woman first rescuing the other character, then making him her slave and ultimately disposing of him but grieving her loss. We did not want to create the story so that people could ‘read’ it in an obvious way though. The images are more ambiguous so that you, the viewers, can make your own sense out of it and find your own connections with the lyrics. The images seem more dark and disturbing by showing less – instead of more. We let your imagination ‘fill the gaps’ and imagine things that are not really there.”


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