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Dana Dentata

Top Tour Bus Moments

Posted on February 12, 2008

Travelling round Europe for a month in a bus while on the Roadrage tour has got to lead to some memorable moments…. and so Ill Nino’s Cris & Laz present… Ill Nino’s Top Ten Tour Bus Moments Roadrage 2003 1. Ali G movies & shows. [note: we hear Ahrue even made a quick trip out to see the actual Staines massive, before leaving the UK] 2. Watching DVDs in my mini DVD player 3. The dream I had of our bus driver driving the bus into a lake. 4. Our bus driver driving, tying his shoes, and reading.. AT THE SAME TIME. 5. Our bus driver driving the bus like it’s a ferrari. 6. Shagging in other people’s bunks. 7. The snoring concerts (every nite). 8. “This is shite”. 9. The unforgettable smell of the tour bus toilet. 10. Club Rat (every nite).


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