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Dana Dentata

The Spicuzza Sessions #4

Posted on February 12, 2008

More tales from the Chimaira tour from Chris Spicuzza… Feb 11th: Sheffield Fuck the cabs here. They left us outside waiting for more than an hour. That’s all I can bitch about today. We were lost puppies today without Luke or Sami from RR. Between them, those two have been to just about every show on this tour. They make sure our lazy asses get to the signings and do press. Basically the best babysitters you can have. The show was pretty good. There really isn’t much to say besides the fact that UK Chimaira fans fucking rule. Feb 12th: Leeds Today was pretty sucky. I ate McDonalds for lunch. Exciting eh? The show was pretty fun. The stage was extremely small and tight. The crowd was loud and chaotic the way we like it. I basically spent the day sitting on the bus doing jack shit. The South Park Season 3 DVD set has been keeping me entertained. Blah. Feb 13th: Colchester We played in a house. Feb 14th: Liverpool My day was spent taking cabs around the city with Rob and Andy (ETID). We cabbed it to a laundromat then to some Greek restaurant then back to the laundromat to finish our clothes. The show would have been better if the sound wasn’t so fucked up on stage. Mark screwed his knee up from jumping and preceded to hobble around the stage for the rest of the set. He’s ok now but it was definitely hurting him through out the night. After the gig we headed over to the Krazyhouse. It’s a 4 floor rock club in Liverpool. We were there basically to hang out and spin some tunes for everyone. There was some fat hillbilly with dreads pretending to be Mark. He signed quite a few autographs that night. About 3am we left the club and started to head back to the venue where our bus was parked. Just minding our own business we got stopped by about 30 drunken blockheads who decided to start a fight. Matt being the innocent one was jumped by about 6 of them. It became quite the scuffle and we got the hell out. Matt was pretty roughed up and needed medical attention. We decided not to cancel the Dublin gig and drop Matt off at the hospital. Feb 15th: Dublin After dropping Matt off I couldn’t sleep. We had to get on a ferry too so I stayed up. Finally my head hit a pillow at 11am. At 4pm we had to take cabs to the club because the bus wasn’t allowed to pull up there. It was a blast to sit around in the cold for an hour without a cab showing up. Eventually this party wagon thing rolled up and we talked the guy into taking us into town for 10p. Tonight’s show was definitely strange. This was the first time we took the stage without all the members. Mark played guitar on a few of the songs to thicken things up. It definitely didn’t sound as good without Matt but we did our best. The crowd was very supportive that we didn’t decide to cancel and it turned out to be an excellent night. Before Pure Hatred they decided to bust into a six minute blues jam. At that time I headed for the dressing room for a beer. After Pure Hatred we came back out and jammed our cover of Sex Type Thing. Sorry to the underage kids who were turned down at the door. Hopefully we can see you next time.


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