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Dana Dentata

The Junkie In Andols

Posted on February 12, 2008

Couple of things of the Chimaira front for you to check out. FIRST, check out Chimaira’s PHOTO GALLERY for 29 new live shots of the band from their ‘classic’ metal outing at Irving Plaza in NYC earlier this week. SECOND, you know what we learned about the band during the show, drummer Andols in particular? He plays drums barefoot. It’s true. “I’ve been playing barefoot since March.” Apparently, it makes the foot and the bass drum petals feel as one…if you are a drummer, judging by the way Andols plays, we highly suggest trying it. THIRD…oh, and after the show we learned another thing about Andols – The Fast Food Situation. Apparently, that is basically the ONLY type of food he eats whilst on the road…and at home. “The thing about home, fast food is still what I eat,” tells Andols. Oh, for you dabbling in the art of fast food, Andols tells more: “If the club has a Wendy’s next to it, I love it. Club Laga in Pittsburgh, love it. Main Event in Toledo. Loved it. Main Event, R.I.P. The Back Room in Austin, there is a Wendy’s right across the street. House Of Blues in New Orleans, too. Whatever the venue, I always scan the food situation.” Andols’ Top Three Fast Food joints break down as follows: 1 – Wendys. “Best fast food burgers, best dollar menu. My standard fare there varies…but a triple burger combo with a five piece if feeling saucy.” 2 – In ‘N Out Burger (West Coast chain). No explanation is really necessary, and Andols did not give one. If you have never been, this place comes highly recommended from everyone who has ever been. 3 – Mr. Hero (Cleveland area fast food chain) “Ah, the Roman burger…but also, the bacon cheeseburger & waffle fries,” croons Andols. FYI, the Roman burger…think Italian roll, three beef patties, and deli meats. Honorable mentions include Del Taco, the cheese & bacon fries and Jack In The Box, and of course, McDonalds…Andols’ standard McD fare being a 20 piece nuggets & double cheeseburger. Did You Know? McDonalds is the only fast food joint with hot mustard sauce. According to Andols, it’s true. Andols’ 3 Worst Fast Food joints break down as follows: 1 – Taco Bell. “Straight up dog meat. Lowest on the fast food chain,” Andols tells us straight. 2 – Burger King. “Just nasty. Beef tastes nasty. Just tastes bad.” Do note, not all of us necessarily agree with Andols’ judgement on this one… 3 – Arbys. “Has potential. Food could be good, they just make it like crap.” And we have something to add, ‘hey Arbys, ever hear of a dollar menu????’ Of course if you’ve never been to the US, chances are you’ve never heard of, or indeed experienced, some of the above mentioned eateries. Not necessarily a bad thing.


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