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The Horrifying Process

Posted on February 12, 2008

As Halloween falls upon us, what better time to watch some decent horror flicks… here’s a note from Chimaira’s Mark Hunter, and his top picks. “Hello friends, Halloween is here, and to get in the mood here is a list of some must see horror flicks. There are hundreds to pick from, I chose some of my favorites. A lot of these gave me the creeps the first time I saw them, and some still do. Hope you enjoy and have at least seen some of these, or will go and check some of them out! Have a fun Halloween! (random list order… I just typed them as they came to me, but if you must know my favorite it is The Shining.) 1. Evil Dead 2. Black Christmas 3. The Shining 4. The Romero Dead Series 5. Dracula (1931) 6. The Exorcist 7. Poltergeist 2 8. Friday The 13th 2 9. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original) 10. Candyman (kind of a cheesy movie I know, but I was in Chicago a few years ago and I went to Cabrini-Green, the housing project that Candyman lives in. Before it was torn down, this place was the worst ghetto I have ever seen. It was like living the movie. It made the Candyman almost impossible for me to watch because I was freaked the fuck out.) 11. Chimaira: The Dehumanizing Process…yes this is a horror movie! It is very scary to see what we go through day to day… pick this one up for sure… if you dare hahahah. 12. Hellraiser and Hellraiser 2 13. Halloween 1 and 2 (would have been better if there were no Myers sequels like originally intended, but since you know there are, 2 is the worthy sequel if you can’t live without knowing what happens next. 3 is not as bad as everyone says!) 14. Silent Night/Deadly Night (a killer Santa… what more could you ask for!!!) 15. The Omen 1, 2, and 3 16. Psycho (original) 17. Zombi 2 18. Rosemary’s Baby 19. The Sixth Sense 20. Saw… new one, great flick check it out for sure! Happy Halloween!


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