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The Best Day Of My Life – Pt 1

Posted on February 12, 2008

Here at Roadrunner Towers we regularly get email in from fans of various bands. Some even write to us on a regular basis. One such person is Sam Proctor, and she happens to be a fan of Nickelback. Recently on eBay, there was a very rare charity auction to win VIP tickets and backstage passes for an exclusive invite only Nickelback radio show for just 1077 guests in New York on January 23rd. It just so happens that the winning bid of $3200 was Sam’s and she & a guest will be flying to NY in January to be met by Ryan Peake’s wife Treana for the show and to meet the band! Between now and after, we’ll be sharing Sam’s tale as she gears up for an adventure of a lifetime! You can check out the auction HERE. And now over to Sam… Congratulations! Probably The Best Day of My Life (Until January 21st 2003 That Is!) Several things run through one’s mind when you see a rather nice looking dessert on a sweet trolley Should I? Shouldn’t I? Will I regret it? bla bla bla…. Seeing the VIP Concert tickets in the ICA Charity Auction was one of those moments. It took me a week of pondering and running all the possible scenarios that may or may not happen, in order to decide that I would actually make a bid. I left it right to the last few minutes of the auction (I set my alarm for 5.30am) and logged into the site. The bid amount had gone up slightly in the last few days. I was a little bit shocked at this point and started to think that it was totally out of my grasp. Then I thought – what the hell! How many other opportunities am I going to get like this? So I made a bid – $50 more than the current bid figure. Pretty much straight away the site came back with the notice that I had already been outbid! Not to be outdone at such a critical point in my life, I upped the bid by another $50. At this point, there was only about 1 minute left on the auction. I waited a few more seconds before clicking the Submit button and then waited for the reply. YES! I am the highest bidder. I looked at my PC clock and noticed that by my calculations the auction should be over. I hit F5 on my keyboard to refresh the screen and waited……. I was still the highest bidder….. I hit F5 again……… The item had disappeared from the Items I’m Currently Bidding On….. The auction was over…… I scrolled down the page waiting to see where the item had moved to. Would it be in Items Lost or Items Won…… OH MY GOD…..ITEMS WON…..VIP NICKELBACK CONCERT IN NEW YORK…… I just sat there in silence for a few minutes, not actually believing what I had just done. I went back to the bedroom and my boyfriend looked at me and said ‘I guess you won then!’ Obviously my face said it all. I am now so exicited I could explode. I have constant waves of thoughts crashing through my mind, but the overwhelming one is ‘I’m going to meet Nickelback. I’m actually going to touch (Ooo Err misses!) and speak to Chad. I just hope that I can think of something to say. I ‘ve had some congratulatory emails from Ryan Peake’s wife and when they get home from the UK later in the week I should receive more details about the concert. In the meantime, I’m going to do my best to stick to day to day things, such as trying to sleep and do my job! I’m 30 in February so you could say that this is the ultimate 30th Birthday present! AND…. to top it all I’m going to achieve my number one thing on my ‘Things To Do Before I’m 30’ List – which is…. ‘Meet rock star(s) and hopefully become life long friends!…..cool! Tune in for the next installment which is entitled…. ‘Things To Panic About and Do Prior to Meeting International Rock Stars’!!!! 🙂


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