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Rob Asks Mark

Posted on February 12, 2008

The end is nigh. This is indeed the very last ‘Asks’ piece from this year’s Roadrage tour. However, we have saved a good ‘un for last. Rob Garcia of Spineshank, got the chance to ask questions of Mark Hunter, Chimaira’s singer. 1. How’d you feel when you found out that Chaka was your twin brother? [web ed’s note: for those not in the know, Chaka is a longstanding member of Ill Nino’s crew] “It was ok with me, luckily I can speak English and I am not overweight.” 2. What makes your band the most ominous nu-metal band on this tour? “The fact that we kick the piss out of Spineshank every show we play with them. Even since before we were signed.” [Mark hastens to point out later, that of course he is in fact joking, and not being a egotistical bastard.] 3. Do you dream of me when you sleep? “Yes, I draw a Sarkisyan on you though. It is more magical.” [At this point, Mark insists we scan the handwritten interrogation paperwork, and post it as photographic evidence for all to see. The reason for this is simple. Drawing a Sarkisyan on someone consists of precise placement of a black permanent marker pen dot, in order to resemble the face of Mike Sarkisyan, Spineshank’s guitarist, more accurately. Mark has kindly illustrated by means of a small sketch, the exact location for said dot, and offers it as a teaching guide for all budding Sarkisyanists out there. Mark is actually quite skilled in Sarkisyanism, and was seen chasing potential victims around the bar in the London Astoria on the Roadrage tour, marker pen in hand. More than one member of the Roadrunner UK staff had been Sarkisyaned by the end of the night.] HOW TO DRAW A SARKISYAN (and above handwritten interrogation)


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