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Machine Head frontman Robert Flynn gives us another studio update

Posted on February 12, 2008

Machine Head frontman Robert Flynn was in the UK last week mixing their forthcoming album ‘The Blackening’. Now back on US soil Mr Flynn has graced us with another studio update. “Hey Fuckers!!! Just got back from merry ol’ England, where the Chicken Tikka Masala, Cobra Lager and Budvar flowed like… well… wine. I was technically there to check out mixes, but jet-lag essentially prevented me from being any sort of real help. It wasn’t necessary anyway though, as Colin is fucking destroying… Jesus, it is so í¢ä‰åäóì fucking – heavy!!! He had been sending us mixes to listen to and approve as Mark Keaton (our engineer) and I were WAY behind *cough* and still in Oakland putting the finishing touches on some vocals. It was actually pretty cool to be able to hear stuff at home on my crappy real-world car stereo, and not those amazing $20,000 studio speakers that can make a monkey farting into a trumpet sound FUCKING CRUSHING!!! So, the main purpose of my visit was to do a mini-press tour. Yes, 3 days of 10-11 hours of interviews, while existing on 3 hours of jet-lagged sleep a night and black tea… it made for some great interviews, let me tell ya. I was pretty much hallucinating for the last 3 hours of each day, which inevitably led to me talking about frying on acid / mescaline and real-life hallucinations… koo-koo bird!? Press is flipping out! Some people said it’s the best thing we’ve ever done, others said it was “So epic, it sounds like The Bible!!!” I was like, “WOW!… wait, is that good?” He assured me, yes. Really stoked though, man, great response from pretty much everyone. Label is LOVING it. Played it for a couple of fans who were lingering around too… “oh my God’s” were uttered, heads were banging and horns were flying!!! Colin is gonna be moving to another studio, as we still have 2 songs left to mix *cough, cough*, but rest assured my beer-breathed-brethren, we’re almost there. We just got the mix of the opening track, “Clenching The Fists Of Dissent”… I practically wept… but not really. Ok, maybe a little. That video update is still coming. No really, it is. -Flynn”


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