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Dana Dentata

From Brooklyn With Update

Posted on February 12, 2008

As we are just getting acquainted with the new year, Type O Negative’s Josh Silver acquaints us with a bit more on the progress of Type O Negative’s upcoming release. His update is as follows: “Peter (vocalist) sleeps on the couch in Systems Two Brooklyn, mainly holding his penis. When asked why he sleeps holding his penis – “I’m afraid someone will take it.” With that said…Johnny and Kenny are finished with their parts. Peter is the process of the overdubs needed to flesh out this beast – including a boat scene. Hopefully, late April will be the perceived release date – we will include tax forms in the packaging to increase your suffering during that month. “We lost some time making the studio airtight to hold poisonous methane gas during the mix-down. The studio has asked us to purchase new furniture when finished so as not to offend future clients. One of working titles and I stress working title, “The Dream Is Dead” is from the end of the Valentine’s Day…not from demo version, but the final recorded song. Other album titles are being kicked around as well…”Flabby Road” is one. I am a bit depressed that my suggestion of a homage to the Beatles’ “Let It Be” – “Shouldn’t Be” was rejected quickly by all involved. “Creation is pain, hardship is involved.” This has been the word of Josh… Now, time for a random Roadrunner fact. Did You Know? The demo tape that Spineshank made before The Height Of Callousness was in fact The Height Of Callousness, was initially called Flabby Road. True. The Beatles. It’s a love affair.


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