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Dana Dentata

Digimortally Yours

Posted on February 12, 2008

Fear Factory’s Digimortal Album Both CD (퉌£11.99) & Digipack (퉌£12.99) are out now and available from the following: HMV, Virgin, V.Shop/Our Price, MVC, Andys, and all good Indies! Full tracklisting for the band’s new album is as follows: (comments from Raymond) What Will Become Damaged Digimortal – This song is very much like Shock with groovy verses, a lot of triplets on the kick drums, and a very melodic chorus. No One Linchpin – This song is all about groove. Extremely catchy chorus, this will be the sing-along song for sure. Think of this as Replica meets Martyr. Invisible Wounds (Dark Bodies) – This song is a lot like Descent, but even catchier. will also be a big sing-along song for sure. But then the middle turns into this extremely heavy Fear Factory mechanical type middle section. Very epic song like Resurrection. Acres Of Skin – OK, plain and simple If you remember the first song on the Pantera record Far Beyond Driven, than that is what this song is like. Back The Fuck Up features vocal guest Cypress Hill frontman B-Real Byte Block – This is probably the most industrial song we’ve got. It starts out with this killer guitar pattern into a kick drum pattern. Starts kind of like Zero Signal, but it is an alternating kick drum pattern, then breaks into parts of that pattern for the verses, into a straight heavy chorus like New Breed. Hurt Conveyor – This song is a rock song all the way. The chorus has a Deftones touch to it.” (Memory Imprints) Never End Bonus tracks on the digipack are: Dead Man Walking Strain vs. Resistance Repentance Full Metal Contact You can check out live shots of the guys from their March 2001 show in Northampton in the gallery. ON THE WEB… Did you miss the live webchat Burton & Christian did at Radio 1’s website? You can read the transcript on their website. Digimortal mini-series! ‘Digimortal’ is a product of 10 years labour by FF. This 4-part series takes you into the mind of FF and it’s members and gives you a glimpse into what it took to create Digimortal. You can see the whole lot in the video section! Roadrunner have reissued their seminal 1992 Industrial Death Metal debut ‘Soul Of A New Machine’ at mid-price. You can check out a whole bunch of photos from the studio session for Digimortal in the gallery! Dino, guitarist, says: “We’ve avoided typical studios like Indigo Ranch. We don’t want to be working and the all of a sudden have Limp Bizkit walk in- that could be distracting!” The new album is produced by Rhys Fulber. Time on your hands? Also check out Raymond’s side-project, Gamer’s Haven – www.gamershaven.com. It’s a website for fellow computer game freaks!


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