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Chimaira/ETID In Glasgow #2

Posted on February 12, 2008

Literally, straight off the email – an email from Chris Robb about the Chimaira/ETID tour – and the show in Glasgow! After seeing them at rage tour i knew i had to come back and see a full set!! we travelled 4 hours just so we could make it to the signing session!! they didnt dissapoint and i even got a map of glasgow singed by the band!! then after food and calming down from meeting the band off we head to king tuts. we werent aloud in because we dont have idea to prove we 18 (we werent anyway) so we had to wait 35 mins before we got in the place. this is with 2 hrs before the doors opened!! so doors open and get the merchandise as you do. so get into the tiny arena!! it is so small. then we hear some great news from some people that when spunge played the floor had collapsed (not sure if this true or not) and this gets better no moshing without t-shirts on and there would be NO WALL OF DEATH!!! everytime i die hit the stage to shouts of pantera!! they played a good set with lots of action from the pits. the crowd seemed to enjoy this. i had never heard them before so it was new experience and they impressed me. stamping ground another band i had never heard of even though they been around for 12 yrs!! i was highly impressed with this band and judging by the pits everyone liked them. i loved how when they announced a song the crowd split ready for the wall of death then all hell broke loose!! was amazing!! bodies everywhere then the reason for most people going!! chimaira!! they walked on and started with implements of destruction and then mark hunter crept on stage and they eventually went into one of my favourite songs Power Trip!! the crowd went crazy and so did the band. so the set continued i cant remember much of it just i remember shouting at the top of my lungs the lyrics or moshing like a twat! then hunter announced the old stuff!! still amazing this lead onto severed where they took a break and announced the new member of the family ricky evensand. he played a 5 minute drum solo and left he crowd speechless. that was truly fucking amzaing. you felt every hit of the drums!! ricky is a true artist!! well on goes the set and hunter asks everyone what his nickname is and why he has it?? so role on The Dehumanizing Process and the crowd didnt even need asking. hunter then asked the crowd which side was louder and had everybody screaming at the top of their lungs!! needless to say the wall of death was very good!! so on goes the gig and as chimaira announce they members matt and rob do a guitar solo (well duet) and was truely inspiring!! then of course the song of the night and best chimaira song PURE HATRED!! everyone went crazy screaming along to the words and going crazy, this was a night to remember and was truly amazing. chris robb


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