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Dana Dentata


Posted on February 12, 2008

According to a posting at Blabbermouth? Frontman Burton C. Bell was reportedly electrocuted during the band’s first-ever concert in Luxembourg, which took place Saturday night (May 6) at the Den Atelier venue. A Luxembourg-based BLABBERMOUTH.NET visitor by the name of Th퀌©id has submitted the following report: “The concert hall Den Atelier was obviously too small for a well-known American band, especially when it’s attracting a lot of people from the three neighbour countries (France, Belgium, Germany). “The support bands didn’t get the sound they deserved (MISERY INDEX), so everybody was waiting for the first FEAR FACTORY song, and surprisingly the sound was OK, but only for a few seconds: at the moment singer Bell wanted to join in, the power on stage went down, and all you heard was the unplugged drum… “After a second try and a series of classsic and new FF songs, power went down again and this prevented them to finish a song. After this second incident, many people (including singer Bell) blamed the technicians hoping there will be no third interruption… A few minutes before midnight, during the song ‘Archetype’ the singer instantly fell backwards, the audience, believing this was part of te show continued singing ‘Open your eyes…’ while the band stopped playing and roadies entered the stage to ‘carry’ Bell to the backstage. His eyes were open and he could almost stand alone, but looked not that good… “This was the end of the concert, and beginning of the speculations… “Twenty minutes later, I talked to the new guitarist of MISERY INDEX who told me that Bell was indeed electrocuted and still in the backstage, shaking and that nobody had called an ambulance or thought about getting him to a hospital… “So much for the first and maybe last concert of FEAR FACTORY in Luxembourg.” The Blabbermouth site


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