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Dana Dentata

A Letter From Dez Of Coal Chamber

Posted on February 12, 2008

“Hey, this is Dez. First off, I’d like to thank anyone who has supported Coal Chamber either in the past or in the present. We understand we don’t make music for the masses and I’m proud of what we do. Especially in the face of the current so called rock bands that water down their sound so as to drown our youth, so devoid of character it is tasteless and bland, so candy sugar coated sweet that it literally is rotting the teeth out of the mouths of the youth that are hungry for something real…Something tangible…Something that lives and stands alone on its own merit. Coal Chamber is that band. A place musically you can turn to for dark shelter when the masses are listening to the newest slicked up shit. Am I saying only heavy music is great? No. Tastes run from Billy Holiday to B.B King to Black Sabbath to Black Metal. But, there is always a common thread amongst these artists, INTEGRITY. I’m sure in time there will be much more great music to come from Coal Chamber. Now, let me address the rumors…Coal Chamber is NOT breaking up. We don’t break up, we take prolonged absences. Even though the members of this band never see eye to eye, we understand that the music we make is unique and has its place at the table. The love for playing that music which we’ve created is what brings life into us. Though Coal Chamber took its time to produce our 3 cd’s (7 Years), I believe it is the time this art needs to come about. However, it is those prolonged absences from playing live with the band, those absences from the microphone and a live audience that led me to realize the void that time away from music was giving me. It is a catastrophe to my soul….. So I create diversions in those times away from Coal Chamber. Such as, “The October Bunch,” a children’s book based on Halloween that I wrote with Anahstasia. Sever Records, my record company that is turning out quite successful. A soon to be published poetry book or producing bands such as Dirt, whose cd is out now. ALL THESE THINGS, ALL OF THESE DIVERSIONS (BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT THEY ARE)… NONE OF THESE THINGS HOLD A CANDLE TO PLAYING LIVE EVERY NIGHT AND TOURING AND MEETING THE FANS THAT SUPPORT YOUR ART. Unfortunately, I don’t play any instruments. All I have is the microphone, a love for words and a love for the crowd. So, if Coal Chamber isn’t touring or merely getting in a room and playing music, I’m left empty, with a feeling that I can’t really put my finger on…something like frustration and despair mixed with heartache and anger. This, coupled with the fact that I suffer (if you can call it that) from extreme A.D.D., this makes for misery in my down time. It is this gift of A.D.D. – and the drive that it gives me – that led me to search out other musicians to play music with, simply for sanity’s sake. In my search to fill my heart with music, not only did I find song, but spirit and comradery within 5 individuals now collectively known as DEATHRIDE. The members of Coal Chamber are each very talented in his/her own way and have been gracious enough to allow me to have a house in which to grow. I’m sure you can expect many great things from each one on an individual basis while we pass the time between us for now. I thank all of you once again for your support and wish you to understand I’m extremely reclusive and don’t often bare my soul, but felt it necessary to speak out on this subject immediately. Since I don’t do anything half assed or on the fence, I am moving forward with Deathride and looking forward to recording and touring with them. Respect, Dez Fafara Ride if you like Ride if you like, Deathride!”


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