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Posted on February 12, 2008

Courtesy of our U.S office comes this little interview update with Rumblefish...

Upon speaking with guitarist Jason DeCosta Monday afternoon (Dec 2), here is the outcome:

Roadrunner Records: Where are you right now?

Jason DeCosta: Right now, I'm in West Hollywood. I'm not gay, but this area is actually called 'Boystown.' It's funny, cuz the guy doing our sound, his grandma used to sell real estate around here. I told here, “I live on Fountain and Fairfax.” Her first question was, “are you gay?”

(all laugh)

RR: So, where exactly is Fountain and Fairfax?

Jason: About a block and a half away from Sunset…ya know, where the Rainbow, the Whiskey, where all those places are…and the Roadrunner office too.

RR: Well, they are all homos in the LA office. And of course, that is meant in the nicest possible way. So, what time did you get up today?

Jason: Ahhh, I was up at about 8 this morning.

RR: And what have you accomplished thus far?

Jason: Ran a bunch of errands, and was about to take a nap before you called. Our A&R guy Kevin is doing this new postcard, so I had to do some photoshop stuff for that. Then, we have this live tape from our show on Friday which came out spectacular - we sound like the Bee Gees singing…

(rude interruption)

RR: You sure you're not a homo?

(go to laugh track)

Jason: So I had to get him (Kevin) a tape of that, then get money from our business manager because our rent is late, then pick up my guitars from the Roxy (where Rumblefish played this past weekend), then here to lay down and wait on your call.

RR: And come the end of the day what will you have accomplished?

Jason: Probably will have been to the Rainbow for a couple drinks, then to this club on top of the Roxy (called On The Rox) where I have it worked out to get free drinks, then rehearsal, then home, then back on the computer for some designs, then hit the sack around 4am…

RR: Onward and upward. Your band's name, RUMBLEFISH - there has been some changes in the spelling, and at one point even possible talk on changing it entirely. So, the spelling, is it 'UL' or 'LE' (i.e. RumbLEfish or RumbULfish)? Burn it in our brains…

Jason: 'LE.' It's final. I guess the 2 other bands that had trademarks on it agreed to let it go. It's Rumblefish, with the 'LE'.

RR: And where does that name come from?

Jason: From the movie 'Rumblefish.'

RR: And I would have heard of that where???

Jason: It's a cult type movie, with Matt Dillon.

RR: You sure you're not a homo?

Jason: HAHA! Well, I'm not the one that came up the name, it was our singer! I don't know if he's a bone smuggler, I hope not. Chicks seem to like him, and he seems to like chicks.

RR: Everyone, make note – Rumblefish with an 'LE.' So, Jason, what do you know about Roadrunner? Name 5 bands.

Jason: That we like? Spineshank, Soulfly, Fear Factory, for sure Slipknot, and….ummmm…I like downthesun. I thought that was a really great album…also the Anyone album…and there's also a band I really like that you no longer have, Earth Crisis.

RR: Earth Crisis? You sure you're not a homo? Purely, purely kidding. Great band, and enough with those types of comments already…SO, you guys played your first live show since you started and finished the recording of your debut. What was Friday's show (11.29) like?

Jason: Yeah, 9 months it has been. The show was insane. 800 people through the door, and the club can only fit 450. I had a load of calls the next day from people who couldn't get in – I told them to buy on ticketmaster, but it was only a $10 tix, and they were charging a 4 dollar service fee…

RR: The homos…ticketmaster, that is…and I promise that will be the last time.

Jason: So I didn't know what to tell them (those who couldn't get in)…But the show was insane…. Dino from Fear Factory, Roy from Soulfly, all the Spineshank guys were there…

RR: And the music?

Jason: We rocked 8 songs. Opened with “Open Wound,” ended with a track called “Ignorance.” It's the hardest track on the album…we could play it with Slayer!

RR: Okay. two more questions for the day. First, what's the tattoo situation?

Jason: Me? I only have one tattoo, and I got it when I was 17. I always wanted more, but never did…all the tats and body piercings in the world can't cover up the truth – if you're lame, you're lame…if you're cool, you're cool. But do what you like.

RR: And last, most classic tattoo: MOM or an anchor on the forearm?

Jason: Ahh shit…I think mom. I think Mom in a heart.

We thank Jason for his time, patience, humor & truth. More to come from the world of Rumblefish.

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