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Posted on October 24, 2011

TRIVIUM’s guitarist Corey Bealieu spoke to Lithium Magazine about the latest album, their video for In Waves and what we can expect from the band before the year is out. You can read an extract from that interview below:

Mike: That video that you’ve put out for ‘In Waves’; it looks like you all got a little wet making that one.

Corey: Yeah. We spent a lot of time in a pool.

Mike: Is that what it was? It looked like you were out in the wild for those shots. So, well done.

Corey: Yeah, for the water shots in the video we rented out a scuba training facility, and with the magic of lighting and camera work, we kind of made it look like something completely different. The people that we did the video with kind of used their video making magic to transform one thing into another, so it was pretty cool. It was a different kind of thing for us, just hanging out in the water and doing different things. It was a lot of fun to make the video. It got a little cold being in the pool for six hours or whatever it was. It was cool to do and a bit of a different experience than the normal rockin’ out performance video.

Mike: The video seemed long to me. Longer than the album version of the song. I know you included the album intro (a track called ‘Capsizing The Sea’) in the video, but it felt like it might have been a different mix as well?

Corey: There’s the intro thing that goes on, yes. And there is also kind of a middle section that goes on as well, that is an extended bit of ambient noises and it allowed us to add some more footage. We were trying to get a story conveyed, and we tweaked the song a bit to add to the story in the video. We tried to do the extended feature type of video that a lot of bands do. It’s more common in pop music, where they will extend their videos to make more of a feature out of the song, and we’ve done another video that is the continuation of ‘In Waves’, with ‘Built to Fall’.

Mike: I haven’t seen that one yet.

Corey: Nah, that one hasn’t come out yet. We’re still editing it actually, and doing some of that same stuff to the video. The song is really short, and we want to be able to do more with it, so there are more of those breaks in the song that extend it out, so it’s pretty cool.

Mike: The same director for ‘Built to Fall’?

Corey: Yeah, he’s done the last five videos for us.

I liked the slow motion camera work on the ‘In Waves’ video a lot. It was really clean and detailed. The water is all neat to see in slow motion as you guys emerge from the drink and shake it off.

Corey: Yeah, the new video has got a lot more fast-paced action kind of pacing. It’s not so slow and looks almost opposite to ‘In Waves’. It’s more energetic and has a lot more shots in it.

Read the full article on Lithium Magazine’s website here. In case you missed it, the band have been posting teasers for the official ‘Built To Fall’ video and you can see those teasers by clicking this link.


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