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Posted on August 5, 2009

KIDS IN GLASS HOUSES are currently in El Paso working on their new album. Every day, the guys are streaming activities from the studio in a live feed from the studio- check that out from 8pm every night THIS LOCATION. Keep an eye on the bands OFFICIAL TWITTER for news of when the stream is running. We also spoke to vocalist Aled yesterday about how things have been going so far…

Let me start this thing by telling you that right now, there’s a fucking snake in the live room. A goddam snake. I know this is Texas and I know that they’re as common as gun nuts and gay bashing, but COME. ON. Time and a place. They don’t need to hang out where I do. Needless to say, I’m not in the live room right now and nor will I be for the rest of the day or until I get absolute assurance that I’m not dinner or a snack. FML.

If this wasn’t bad enough, this incident reminded the studio technician (Charles – who’s also the nicest man alive and a mighty fine barbecutionist) that 2 weeks previous a black widow set up residency on the door step to our studio. No, not a woman of African-American decent who’d lost her soul mate, but a spider that hates you and me and shows this through cold blooded, chewy murder.

Aside from these minor hiccups on the road to El Paso, Texas we’re having an absolute blast and loving our lives. It’s quite a relief really, considering British couldn’t care-ways booted us off our flight due to “overbooking”, costing us a day of studio time and a year’s worth of ass pain. We were compensated generously and 3 of us enjoyed the luxury of an upgrade on our flight seats. Sadly for Joel and Iain, the airline hated them for 2 days, so they didn’t get to appreciate the perks of leg room and recliners.

Finally we got here and were met by a cowboy getting his shoes shined at the airport in a ten gallon hat. Brilliant. The cliches are all true. They don’t breathe oxygen in Texas. They breathe Marlboro smoke and the fumes from a smoked set of charred ribs. Loooovely.

Sooo, we’ve been here 3 days now. We’re shacked up in a house a mile down the road from the studio. Our room mates are pretty swell. They can fly and they make this cute buzzing noise and they like to hug Joel and leave him with these affectionate, itching kisses all over his body. So nice. Apart from that, its a bit of a cheeky palace with a fridge full of delicious “food”/e numbers. Numnums. We have a 50” flat screen. Maybe i’ll just film a cribs so you can see for yourselves.

So far we’ve tracked the drums for a song called ‘Sunshine’, which some of you might have heard at slam dunk or the big weekend. It sounds as fat as the people in Walmart yesterday and it’s bitchin’. Today we’re doing a song called “the best is yet to come” and another which is called (for now) “art”. It’s all sounding swell.

When we’re not recording, we’ve been chilling around the barbecue, shootin’ hoops, dropping phil’s y fronts into puddles or playing pool volley ball with absolutely no skill or ability at all! awesome, right?

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted every other day on our progress. We’re going to visit Mexico and maybe go to rodeo if we have time around eating and being awesome.

Have a nice day, y’all.



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