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Unto Others

Top Tour Bus Moments #2

Posted on February 12, 2008

Earlier this week, we brought you Ill Nino’s Top Ten Tour Bus Moments from the Roadrage 2003 tour. Now, this is Chimaira’s… compiled by Andols, Chris, Rob, Jim, and Mark. Chimaira’s Top Ten Tour Bus Moments 1. Sharing with our nu-metal friends in Spineshank. 2. Having 19 people in an 18 bunk bus. 3. Actually getting a bus in the first place. 4. The bus crash. [Andols is confused at this point, and adds a bus crash from a previous tour. Knowing of the Chimaira curse, in which flat tyres, crashes, & fires are not uncommon, we decide it can stay in, as there is still 24 hours of Roadrage to survive.] 5. Rob Koenig (light engineer) bitching out Jim. 6. Mike S. chasing girls on the bus… naked of course. 7. Arguing with Spineshank about who and what is nu-metal. 8. Dealing with Mike Shank and his bullshit. 9. Trying to find McDonalds in the middle of nowhere. 10. Our driver’s refusal to stop at McDonalds, even when they are right off the motorway.


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