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Tommy’s Track By Track VI

Posted on February 12, 2008

It is a hot and sticky Friday afternoon here in London, and all are pleased it is the end of the week. Alas, it is also the end of our Spineshank track by track, written by drummer Tommy Decker. The final 2 songs are below. 12 songs in, we are done. So if you haven’t picked up the ‘Self-Destructive Pattern’ CD yet, you now know what to do tomorrow. Of course, once you have picked up the album, we suggest you head over to FREE SHIT and try your luck winning a plethora of cool Spineshank swag – signed drumskins, tshirts, hats, videos.. shot glasses – lots up for grabs. And over to Tommy, for the last word… 11. Fallback “This was also on the first demo we did for this record. We approached this song with a totally different attitude than we do most of our other songs. We wanted it to sound like the four of us playing live with no loops or any weird sounds or effects. It was really strange at first and felt like we were forgetting something… but as we listened to it we realized that it had a raw “live” vibe to it.” 12. Dead To Me “What can I say about this song, it sounds just like a song called “Dead To Me” should. Fast pissed off and noisy. I feel like this song has a lot in common with some stuff off of “The Height Of Callousness” – it is extremely heavy, but it has a lot of different levels to it. I think the riff in the bridge is one of the best and biggest riffs Mike has ever come up with and the ending is fucking out of control. We initially wanted this song to be earlier in the sequence but we realized that this is the best way to end the record. “


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