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The Curse Of Spineshank

Posted on February 12, 2008

The latest update from the world of Spineshank by Tommy Decker: The SpineShank curse is back!!!! We had a string of bad luck this week…First of all, everybody has been sick. I was sick for about 2 weeks, and Mike, Rob, Gggarth, and Chris have all been sick. Jonny is sick now, so he had to take a week off from singing. To top that off we had these crazy winds that Southern California is famous for called “Santa Ana winds” the other day and all the power on the whole block was knocked out for over a day…and when the power came back on, all the computers crashed Needless to say, it has been a frustrating week, but things are going smoothly again. The songs are coming out great, some of the titles are: “Consumed (Obsessive Compulsive),” which is a really cool heavy song with a shit load of dynamics. It’s a little bit different from some of our other stuff, but it is an awesome song. “Violent Mood Swings” is my favorite song on the record (I think)…this song is gonna open the record because it just kicks your ass from the second it starts. We were going to name the record after this song, but decided against it. Then there’s “Beginning Of The End” which is a really dark and catchy song. This one will hopefully be a single, I think it’s the catchiest song we’ve ever written. “Smothered” is another catchy song, really straight forward and cool, should be a good live song. One song that actually surprised everyone is “Dead To Me.” It came out way better than we had hoped – it’s a really pissed off and fast song, this will definitely be in the live set. So that’s pretty much it for now, the never ending record is finally getting close to being finished!! I’ll keep you updated on anything new that happens. – TOMMY


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