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Somewhere Unholy

Posted on February 12, 2008

Your reviews from the Unholy Alliance tour are great to read… we’re not sure which show Matt Frewin went to, but it sounds like an awesome time was had (even though you missed some of Hatebreed – shame on you)! Thanks Matt. “After arriving a little late, and missing half of Hatebreed’s set, we soon were rejuvenated by the immense presence of quite possibly the two best bands to ever walk the face of the Earth, Slayer and Slipknot. Whilst almost getting myself killed in a brutal moshpit during Slayer, I decided to get myself crushed to death as soon as Raining Blood began by running as far to the front as I could, leaving my friends oblivious to whether or not I was alive 🙂 I don’t know, just the sight of blood raining all over Slayer as they played an aptly titled track made me get as close as possible for the best effect. Shortly after being almost dismembered in the pit, during the break between Slayer and Slipknot I decided some re-hydration was in order. I found one of my friends and dragged him to the nearest bar for some cool beers. We couldn’t take any more than a step without seeing masses of die-hard fans screaming for what they all love the most. “SLAYER!!”, “SLIPKNOT” echoing around the arena like being in a battlefield. Everyone we talked to on the way were full of adrenaline, all of their pants already filled with poop from the greatness of Slayer. There was more to come… Piling back down towards the stage, we decided maybe we should chill out for Slipknot and stand back to watch their brilliant performance, being musicians and all we wanted to hopefully learn something from them! Unfortunately (well, not really) we soon decided that standing around was no place for us, and immediately charged straight back into the pit. It took us most of Slipknot’s set to get anywhere near the front, the closest being when I got one hand on the front barriers, only to be crushed between hundreds of crazy fans shortly after. Ending with Surfacing, Slipknot really rapped up the night for us, bringing us everything we had wanted from the gig. All in all, I wish I could go to every single date on the Unholy Alliance tour to see two bands that have conquered the Earth, and won’t be going away anytime soon. To play with them would be an honour and a dream, and one day maybe we’ll do it in our band. Until then, watching them play is more than enough to inspire us and millions of others around the world!!”


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