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Roadraging Manchester

Posted on February 12, 2008

OH MY GOD! I don’t think words can express how good this concert was! I have waited months and months to see Chimaira. I was at the Academy for 12pm to make sure I was as the very front, and I am glad I did, because during the day, I met shit loads of band members, including all of Spineshank, Jim, Matt and Andols of Chimaira and Laz and Dave of Ill Nino, so it was quite a successful wait! It seemed to take forever but then the queue finally started moving and before I knew it I was inside the Academy! I ran to the front straight away, and watched the crew set up. Mark was stood at the side of the stage, clearly anxious and eager to get on with the show. It seemed to take another eternity before Chimaira came out. What an amazing entrance! As soon as Implements of Destruction hit, my heart started pumping so damn fast. Each member came out one by one as the crowd went insane, and then finally, after all the members had made their arrival on stage, they burst straight into the fast, hard-hitting opener, Power Trip! It was so intense and so fucking brutal. I headbanged my way through each song, showing my appreciation for the GODS in front of me! And then, before I knew it, they had gone. That’s my only complaint, their set was WAY TOO SHORT! Anyway, after another 20 minutes or so, the almighty Ill Nino made their entrance, with an amazing drum performance. Ill Nino sure know how to put on a show! They played their way through all their classics from Revolution and some of the new stuff, and all was amazing. Cristian has an amazing voice, one of the best I have heard. He can switch from an insane, angry growl to a beautiful singing voice in a split second. Very amazing performer. One thing I liked especially was the chanting he did with the crowd! “Ill Nino, Chimaira, Spineshank, Manchester, Roadrage Tour!”… that was pretty cool! Next on stage were Spineshank. Not one of my favourite bands, but they really amazed me on stage! Mike is absolutley insane! Spineshank tore through each song EASILY. And Jonny is a definate crowd-pleaser, with his ‘punk-rock’ stage-dive! Just as Spineshank were ending their set, an amazing thing happened. My absolute GOD Mark Hunter returned to perform The Height Of Callousness with Spineshank, and that was probably the highlight of my night. And then… it was over. And it was upsetting because that was a fucking amazing show! At least I know Chimaira are back in February headlinging! After the gig, I went back round the back and bumped into another member of Ill Nino, but I forget his name o) THIS WAS THE BEST SHOW I HAVE EVER BEEN TO! IF EITHER ILL NINO, SPINESHANK OR CHIMAIRA COME TO TOWN, I SWEAR TO GOD, GO! Thanks going out to Matt Hartley, for writing in…


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