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Dana Dentata

Life In Lincolnshire, pt 5

Posted on February 12, 2008

Chimaira send more words from the studio. Day 8 – The walls are closing in. Mark here, well we are still hard at work, or is it hardly working….let me start over. Colin is still hard at work mixing. We finished the first single “Down Again”. This song is a bit different for us, when people hear it they go “Metallica”. I don’t know what period they are talking about, but at any rate this is the strongest song on the record for sure. We chose to go with it as our first video/single because the song will stick in your head for a long time, and if we are going to let millions hear a song, it should be this one. The verses have some great death metal riffs, the chorus is very melodic, and the bridge is epic sounding (not the FNM song, but there is some piano and cellos in it…scared yet??!!haha) We started getting the files ready to mix “Cleansation” tonight, this will be the first song on the record, and the first full song you internet whores will be able to get your hands on before release. It is the traditional Chimaira song, heavy as fuck, a pounding chorus and an ending that will make you want to rip your mates balls off. On a personal level, we are starting to feel the effects of what some call “Cabin Fever” I found myself walking from room to room today wondering what the fuck I could do with myself to keep busy. The answer…write a studio update, smoke some cigarettes and enjoy English TV *note for you Americans, they show T&A and swear on prime time channels!!! We are stoked to come home, we leave the beautiful English countryside on the 26th and we get right back on a plane to LA to shoot the video. That will be the worst jet lag ever, LA is 8 hours behind us right now….yikes! We are starting to figure out tour plans, we know we will be hitting Europe and the UK close to release date. We are pretty fucking bummed we are not doing the US Ozzfest, but hey since when can life be perfect in the world of Chimaira, whatever. We will tour the US and the rest of the world to the point of where you are sick of us. Thanks for reading this long ass post, but like I said…the walls are closing in! Mark


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