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Life In Lincolnshire, pt 2

Posted on February 12, 2008

The second installment of Chimaira’s mixing mayhem in England… “What’s up everyone?!! Mark here. Well, the mixing process is going great right now. We have just finished the first song we started to mix. It’s a heavy creepy song called Pictures In The Gold Room. Man, working with Colin was the best choice we made. This shit sounds brutal. Our guitars are super thick, and the drums sound like we are in an arena! That means big and LOUD!!! We are going to start a song called Power Trip later today, and the best way to describe this song is by using our old phrase “Full Blown Ass Ripping Metal” then multiply that times 10, and you have Power Trip. It is Slayer fast, and Morbid Angel heavy in the bridge. Can’t wait for you guys to hear this shit. So the nightlife has picked up a bit, Jim and Rob went with Colin to Nottingham to see the band Funeral For A Friend, they said it was a real good time and the band were cool to hang out with as well. They came back saying how much we need to tour the U.K. because the fans seem a lot more into the concerts then back in the States. Well, all I can say about that is we are going to make sure 100% that we will tour the entire U.K. as well as the rest of Eruope, I promise you that. Now onto food, a lot of the band warned us we were not going to like the food here, and that we would loose 20lbs, well they are full of shit we are getting fatter by the minute because the food is great! That’s all for now, will give you a shout in a few days. Cheers!” Thanks for the lines Mark… glad it’s going well.


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