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Full Service Chimaira Update

Posted on February 12, 2008

Be sure to check out the Chimaira video for Sp Lit on Kerrang! TV! It’s selection number 411 and you can request it by calling this number: 09067 533433. We’ve made mention of the Chimaira side project High Point previously – mentioning the music in the works, upcoming debut show, and that the Chimaira pedigree in this band is Mark Hunter and Jim LaMarca. So, what now? A bit more detail…AND, it’s finally time to hear some tunes. From the palatial city of Cleveland, we invite you to check out WMMS online for the detail, the music, and to find out where the title of this update – SWEET TUNES FOR THE LONG HAIR – comes from. Rock. What’s up amigos? Please sit back, relax, and take in the following full service Chimaira update: 1) Chimaira’s upcoming release has a name. At close of business today, the title is to be The Impossibility Of Reason. 2) Tracks for the upcoming The Impossibility Of Reason are as such: “Cleansation” “Awakening” “The Dehumanizing Process” “Stigmurder” “Pictures in the Goldroom” “Overlooked” “Indifferent to Suffering” “Implements of Destruction” “Army of Me” 3) Chimaira will be playing a short set at the Odeon in Cleveland, Ohio on October 5th as part of a special night celebrating a horror film that will be made in Cleveland. The film, ‘Dead Planet.’ The short set, it will include “Overlooked” from the upcoming album. Chris and Mark will actually have their hand in the score for the film. 4) Matt DeVries’ previous band, Ascension, will be playing Peabody’s Down Under on September 20th. Matt, along with Andols, with both be playing with Ascension on said night. 5) This brings us to our final point of the update – High Point. High Point is a bit of a Chimaira side project, featuring Mark Hunter on guitar and Jim Lamarca on bass. The rest of the line up is rounded out by Ed Gandolf (vocals, guitar) and Drew Scalero (drums). If you search hard enough, you might just find a couple recordings floating around. However, what would even be better, would be to see and hear the band first hand – their first show is slated for November 2nd at Peabody’s Down Under. Look for Chimaira to hit the studio later this autumn for the recording of The Impossibility Of Reason Currently getting set up to do their follow up to Pass Out Of Existence: writing, rehearsing, lookin’ for a producer. Word is the band has somewhere between 8-10 bare bone tracks in the works (i.e. no lyrics, samples…).


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