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Coal Chamber’s Meegs Interviewed By You

Posted on February 12, 2008

Meegs took some time to answer the questions you have been sending in. We do recommend reading them thoroughly, his answers are detailed, truthful, and very genuine. Thanks to Meegs for the answers, thanks to you for the questions. 1 – Has Meegs gone back to a heavier guitar tone for “dark days” or has he continued to experiment with tone and volume, like on “chamber music”? Also, can’t wait to hear the new record, no matter what direction you guys have taken! -Jason G Meegs – thanks for the enthusiasm and support Jason!!! as for the tone of the album, it will be a combination of both records. It will definitely be very heavy, I mean HEAVY. the experimentation and craziness in the sonic dept. is just plain sick!!! I spent a lot of time on this album to record all the noises and tones that I hear in my head all the time. the guitar chug is very bottom heavy and the abuse of effect pedals and technology is very prominent. the vibe of the record is very angry and chaotic. I promise that it will be insanity of the highest level!!! 2 – Hey! I have two questions. The first is actually for Meegs: Will you marry me? Okay, but in all seriousness now, I saw you guys perform in Syracuse, NY at the Lost Horizon on June 15, 2000–I think Meegs actually got hurt 🙁 , but I just wanted to know if you’re going to play any smaller, or at least small town, venues in upstate New York anytime soon, because I cannot wait to see you guys again and it seems that when bands come to New York they only go to NYC or Buffalo! 🙁 Don’t forget the upstate fans in between! Love ya always, June D Meegs – June, my love, that is a very sweet thing to say!!! Believe me , you don’t want to marry me, I ain’t no walk in the park!!! As of touring smaller venues, that will be a very good possibility when we tour beginning of the new year. We must finish “Dark Days” first and then tour plans will be talked about amongst the band and management. In the meanwhile, a little patience doesn’t kill anybody, we promise it will be worth the wait!!!!!! Love you back, MEEGS 3 – what is the most memorable concert you have played and why? piece…………..not peace -Xplicitlyryx Meegs – I think the most memorable one was in France. The crowd was so fucking insane that it actually made me tear up while we were playing. and that never happens to me!!! It was about 5 000 kids jumping up and down in unison. It was a beautiful sight! 4 – I have always considered Coal Chamber as an innovative and unique metal band. Many spin-offs have spawned since your first album that are reflective of your style. Before the ever expanding labeled genre of “Nu-metal” was a house hold name, Coal Chamber was shaking and changing the music scene. Where do you see the future of Coal Chamber with Dark Days? Will it be a intentional progressive change from what we have seen in the past or, will it be more of a continuation from your previous material? -Brandon J Meegs – thanks for the compliments Brandon, you’re too kind!!!! This album will be both a continuation and a progressive change of our previous stuff. It will continue to be as heavy, if not heavier, than our first record. But it will be a big onslaught of sonic mayhem and experimentation that we started on the 2nd album, except 100 times more brutal and angry as fuck!! Dez’s vocals are plain scary!! the guitars are super thick and the bass and drums feel like a steamroller!!! the sounds on this record are very intense, for sure!!! the songwriting is very , very , intense because the band as a whole was going through a very difficult time in our lives. and it shows in the material. the tension, frustrations, disappointment, and anger are definitely prevalent on the disc!! 5 – what is your favorite song on the new album and why? -Marlon S Meegs – my favorite as of now is probably “Drove”. It is one fucking heavy ass song!!! It starts out chaotic and ends that way. the guitar textures and noises are very quirky and experimental. It’s a very “coal chamber” type of groove. the tones, vocals, and production are beyond subsonic. Couldn’t be more proud. 6 – Q:Coal Chamber reflects various amounts of strong messages and feelings on each of their records, and i was just wondering: What did the band try to project on this new record and how it is influenced by the lives you choose to live by today? -ILIARYS Meegs – the overall tone and theme of this album is very dark and angry. It definitely reflected on these 2 past years of the bands career. Very turbulent. We’ve all pulled through though, and wrote the most heaviest and intense material we’ve ever done!! This album was a very cathartic and psychotherapeutic experience for the whole band. As we wrote this material from our hearts, this record definitely reflects what we were feeling at the time. Kind of like “the Shining” meets “Halloween” 7 – Hey, I first must say that Coal Chamber is a true to themselves band. And the music, it speaks for itself as meegs has said. I was wondering, since you guys have had a longer break, two albums under your wings, and numbers of good shows, has that changed your writing styles? Thanks for your time to answer my question. -Josh from california Meegs – our writing style has become unchanged. Just because we always write what we honestly feel and we never try to write a “Hit”. We always try to write catchy, Heavy, simple and brutal grooves. I like to call them “caveman” grooves. 8 – if “coal chamber ” is a heavy metal cd, and “chamber music” is considered gothic sounding, what exactly would you classify dark days as being? -Scott S Meegs – Dark Days would probably be considered New age easy listening with a touch of N’ Sync and 98 degrees flavorings!!!! with a hint of disco. Honestly, i hate categories. Music is music. whether you think it sucks or not is a matter of opinion. Call us “spookycore”. 9 – what kind of guitar does meegs play? Meegs – I play both B.C Rich guitars and Yamaha customs. I love and endorse both companies. Basically , my guitars are made to benefit the Drop 6 tuning that I have abused to death. and will continue to do so in the future. 10 – What are the extremities as far as emotional feelings on the new album? -Elliot Meegs – there’s a tension on this record that is unsettling. A lot of lashing out at people kind of emotions. Anger, frustrations. A very dark and heavy record. Not a suicidal type of vibe, but more of a unleashing of a lot of internal and outside demons. 11 – on dark days, what song best describes what you’ve felt in the making of your 3rd Lp? -Ashley Meegs – It would probably be “Drove” the chorus lyric ” Why did I do it, you drove me to do it” breakdown buildup lyric “NEVER, SAY NEVER!!!!!” 12 – hello coal chamber, how is the dark days album going to sound? is meegs still using his custom bc rich. and how did he come up with his 20 – 70 gauge guitar strings set his guitar. he is the only one i heard of that does that. i think that is awesome. -Moe Meegs – thank you very much Moe!!! I still use my B.C riches and I also use Yamaha Customs which utilize a lighter gauge strings, but still thick as fuck!!! the sound of “Dark Days” is brutal, experimental, and catchy. Chaotic sums it up. 13 – Hey Guys, I have been a fan since my friend from Cali sent me your demo tape about 5 years ago, i believe. Since I heard it you were automatically my favorite band. You have helped me through a lot, well your music and the way you treat your fans and what you say in your interviews. You have literally saved my life cause I put in your cd instead of killing myself 3 times. Going to your concerts makes me so happy, I have cried each time I’ve went cause I was so happy to be close to you. I consider myself a devout fan. I own every poster I can find, including imports, same with cd’s and t-shirts. I also tell everyone I meet about you and how much I love your music. I know you have a fairly large fanbase and I know there are many other fans out there like me. What is your reaction to the way the fans respond to you and your music???? I love you!!! Keep making wonderful music! Love, Jenny M Meegs – Jenny, you are the reason we write music. We can’t thank you enough for the support and love you give us. We’re so grateful and we appreciate our fans so much because they’ve helped us realize our dreams come true. We truly love and sincerely cherish the way fans react to us. Without you guys, we’re nothing!!! If our music helps kids out with their problems, then we feel very ecstatic because we worship our fans and the way they treat us. Thank you guys a million, once again!!! 14 – first of all, Come the fuck back to tulsa (redneckville). You guys are one of my favorite bands of all times. I bought the first cd without even hearing you guys, and was totally blown away. I bought Chamber Music, and I was just fucking shocked on how much you guys grew, it kicked some fuckin ass, its still in my cd player to this day. And in rotation everyday. Just wanted to know what are some of your favorite bands? And who did you listen to growing up? Peace John Meegs – Hey, thanks for the support and positivity!!! I’m sure that we will tour through Tulsa very soon!!! Patience!! Some of my favorite bands right now are Britney Spears, N sync, Linkin Park, Alec Empire, Radiohead, the Backstreet Boys, Aphex Twin, Prodigy, Mudvayne, Slipknot, John Tesh. When i was younger, i was obsessed with Motley Crue “Shout At The Devil”, Alice in Chains, Skid Row, Bon Jovi, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Michael Jackson. I was a typical metal head. 15 – what are your favorite movies? -sickness87 Meegs – My favorite movies are of the XXX rated selection. Any Jenna Jameson movie would suffice.


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