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Catching Up With Chimaira

Posted on February 12, 2008

So what are the band up to? On tour in the US with Danzig until sometime through August, since you asked. Chimaira are preparing new material which they have described as being í¢ä‰åñunpredictableí¢ä‰åŒ. Vocalist Mark Hunter also hailed the material as being more energetic, and while retaining the style the band forged on ‘Pass Out Of Existence’, that it will possess a twist. The last time we were in the world of Chimaira, the band was in the midst of a tour run across the U.S., with the likes of 36 Crazyfists and God Forbid in tow. Well, the band is back home in God’s country…no, not Wisconsin, but Ohio…and there is much to tell. On April 13th, whilst touring the west coast, the band made a stop off at M5 studios in San Francisco, CA to shoot a video for the song “Sp lit”, off their Pass Out Of Existence release. “Currently waiting for the final edit to be finished,” relays Chimaira vocalist Mark Hunter. “It’s turning out pretty bad ass, our friend did us a favor (shooting the video). His first time doing a video, our first time doing a video. Nothing hi-tech, just get to watch us jam and go crazy. It will hopefully be coming in the next couple weeks.” Chimaira’s schedule currently consists of rehearsals, 4-5 times per week, 7pm to 11pm. They are in the midst of writing new material, with seven songs in the bag thus far. What else is going on? Mark had the following to share with us on this gorgeous summer afternoon: Roadrunner: Average time you get up each day? Mark: 3:30, 4:00 each afternoon. Up a bit earlier today, but not by choice (damn dogs). Roadrunner: Average time hitting the sack? Mark: In bed by 6:00am. Roadrunner: On the agenda right this minute? Mark: Hmmm, probably watch a movie, Raising Arizona. Roadrunner: Return of the Side Projects, Part III. Joey Jordison with Murderdolls, Corey Taylor and Jim Root with Stone Sour, and now… Mark: Jim (bass) and I started a bit of a side project with some friends from high school, a really heavy rock ‘n’ roll band – Tool meets Crowbar. Actually, we’re finishing where we left off seven years ago. Roadrunner: No shit? Mark: We’re finishing what we started back in high school. Nothing serious (as in touring or what not), just pure enjoyment. Roadrunner: And damn if that ain’t what it’s all about. When can one look forward to hearing this? Mark: We should be recording some demos next month right before we record the upcoming Chimaira demos. Should be hearing something online soon. Roadrunner: Any last words? Mark: Ahhhh, smoke acid. Roadrunner: Any last words that I can write on this site? Mark: (laughing) If ever any last, final words, that’s my last comment. Rock. We thank Mark for his time, and look forward to the bounty we shall soon receive – “Sp lit” video, demos online from side project, and above all, new Chimaira music… Annual Cleveland Free Times Awards. Last year, our boys in Chimaira took home the award for Best Hardcore Band. Last night, they took home the award for the second year running. Chimaira closed the Awards show by playing a five song set, consisting of “Let Go”, “Sp lit”, “Painting The White To Grey”, “Dead Inside”, and “South Of Heaven”. Dwid from Integrity joined the band on stage with some vocals on “South Of Heaven”…and in case you were wondering, no streaks of nakedness in the city of Cleveland after the show (not enough booze served)… Chimaira, Congratulations on the award… Dateline – January 26th, 11:03 P.M. – As Chimaira finish playing their set during the last night of their tour run with Kittie and Ill Nino, former Chimaira guitarist and founding member Jason Hager becomes a father. At 11:03 p.m. the world said hello to Londyn Snow Hager for the first time. Weighing in at 9 pounds, 1 ounce and 21 inches, we wish all the best to Jason, wife Jamie, and son Londyn…actually it’s Mr. Hager now. Congratulations. “The Indianapolis fans got a little treat,” tells Chimaira vocalist Mark Hunter. What the hell is he talking about? Read on. Apparently Chimaira guitarist Rob Arnold got a new watch for Christmas…and apparently that watch doesn’t work. New Years Day Chimaira played the Emerson Theatre in Indianapolis, a show for which the band was to hit the stage at 8:20pm. Well, 8:20pm came and the band took the stage as scheduled…all except for Rob. Where was he? Back on the bus. According to his timing device, he still had 15 minutes before the 8:20pm call time. So, instead of Rob, Indianapolis fans got to check out Mark’s chops, as he filled in on axe duties during the first song of the set, “Let Go”. By the second song, the full band had been reunited, and no doubt all had a laugh at the end of the night…either that or a hazing session on Rob’s ass. Chimaira wish you all a happy Holiday Season, and want to let you know that the Amigo Claus did visit this year. The Amigo Claus? YES. Amigo Claus is “this jolly ol’ fella who brings you old and rare Chimaira songs around the holiday season”. What did he (or she…we should be politically correct) bring this year? Check out the goods on Chimaira’s MP3.com page. Happy Holidays Amigos.


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