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Acey Of The Murderdolls Speaks From The UK

Posted on February 12, 2008

WELCOME TO GLASGOW, IT’S RAINING: September 9th, Glasgow. The first ever UK show for the Murderdolls. And how was it? We grabbed a few minutes on the phone with Acey to get the lowdown. RR: Hey Acey, how’s it going? Whatcha up to? Acey: Freebasing sitting on a toilet seat doing a line off a hooker… [Acey cuts off mid sentence.. gurgling sounds come down the phone.. laughter follows…] RR: Now THAT’S a good quote. Acey: [laughs] Go right ahead! RR: So how was Glasgow? Acey: The show was just totally off the hook! You know, every show we play just gets crazier and crazier. At one point we thought the crowd was gonna break through the barricade! Usually when we play shows, we kick the crowd’s ass. Last night, they kicked ours! RR: What did everyone get to hear? Acey: We played most of the set we’ve been doing in the US for the last few shows, [see setlist photo below] but we cut Hit & Rape coz Eric wasn’t here. RR: Yes, we heard Alex from Anti-Product is filling in for 2 shows. How’d he do? Acey: He’s not Eric, but for a last minute replacement he did damn good! He was perfect. He’s only had like a day and a half to work on the songs! RR: And now Manchester tonight. Looking forward to it? Acey: Oh yeah! When we told people that last night was off the hook, they were like ‘wait til tonight’! RR: You met some Murderdolls street & e-teamers last night too, yes? Acey: They were all totally cool. Helping us out for free?! We’re always happy to meet them. I hope we can do it on the Papa Roach tour too. RR: For sure. I heard from a couple of them today already in fact about what an awesome time they had [see review below]. Anything else you’re looking forward to this week? Acey: Playing in London and doing the instore at Virgin. Hopefully we can meet a bunch of the people who can’t get into the show! [the London show sold out faaast] RR: Ya know, we’re gonna put something up on the site every day this week about each show so I’ll be talking to you tomorrow dude! Have an awesome show.


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